4 sun safety tips for the whole family

 It’s summer! Which means lots of fun in the sun. But UV rays can be harmful to you and young children especially. While you and your family are enjoying this lovely weather, make sure to keep your family protected from the sun. Here are some sun safety tips.

Tip 1 – Keep cool

The sun reaches its highest between 11am and 3pm in Ireland, which means UV rays are at their strongest. If you’re outside, try to stay out of direct sun by bringing an umbrella or relaxing under natural shade. For kids that don’t want to stay out of the sun, make this snack time as an excuse to get them in the shade for some of this time.

Tip 2 – Cover up

If you are in the sun, dress your baby or small children in loose clothing where you can see skin, because UV exposure is stronger to a child’s sensitive skin. Also make sure your child wears a hat. A hat will protect their face, neck, and ears. Make sure to pick a fun one they like so they wear it!

Tip 3 – Sunscreen

A lot of skin damage happens at an early age, so make sure to protect your children using at least 30 SPF sunscreens. Remember to keep applying throughout the day, especially if you and your children will be in water. Kids are not fond of having to be constantly topped up with sunscreen a tip to combat this is by putting a bottle into your cooler so it feels good nice and cool when applying!

Tip 4 – Sunglasses 

Eyes can also be damaged by UV rays also so make sure to find a good pair of sunglasses that give proper protection. Most toy sunglasses don’t offer any protection so look into which pair you get for your child. But a hat will offer this protection to smaller children.

Sunscreen doesn’t offer 100 per cent protection, so make sure to use all of the above tips for proper sun care.



Originally posted 2018-05-28 10:07:47.