5 questions answered about flying when pregnant

Believe it or not, travelling when you are pregnant is probably the easiest holiday you’ll ever have with your new baby! Once he or she is born, the amount of baby paraphernalia that will be essential for a simple holiday will be astounding. For now, your baby is safely tucked away in your abdomen, and…

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6 Medical Essentials All New Parents Should Have

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Babies don’t need much in terms of medical supplies – in fact, very small babies should always be referred to your GP if you have any medical issues – but these six items are worth investing in ASAP. Thermometer We cannot stress it enough – a good thermometer is worth its weight in gold. Thermometers…

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4 sun safety tips for the whole family

 It’s summer! Which means lots of fun in the sun. But UV rays can be harmful to you and young children especially. While you and your family are enjoying this lovely weather, make sure to keep your family protected from the sun. Here are some sun safety tips. Tip 1 – Keep cool The sun reaches…

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Why you should spend time with your partner without the kids

importance of a relationship after having a baby

Becoming a parent is a massively life changing experience. Of course you are prepared for your life to be different, but did we expect ti would change this much? Complete occupation Parents will find themselves completely occupied by their newest arrivals. However, experts are saying this is not an advisable route for partners to take.…

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Tips to encourage hand washing in children!

Potty training has it’s own struggles, none the least of which is making sure everything goes into the right place, if you catch my drift! A remaining issue with potty training is making sure the little guys wash their hands properly, and that this happens without fail after going to the toilet, before eating or…

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