10 of the weirdest pregnancy cravings

pregnancy, pregnancy cravings, strange pregnancy cravings, what will i crave in pregnancy

From the moment of conception pregnancy literally takes over your body and your mind at times! But it’s exciting, some of it amazing and some of it, not so good. One question you will find people ask you a lot is, ‘what cravings do you have?’ And like all things in pregnancy, they can start at…

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15 genius parenting hacks you need to know

parenting hacks, parenting tips, parenting advice, baby storage, baby advice

We honestly cannot remember what it was like to live without the internet and although it drives us a little crazy when we think of how much of our lives we give to the world wide web, we can excuse it when we find those little nuggets of information, savings, or problems shared that make…

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7 signs you can’t let go of control

7 signs you can't let go of control maternity and infant family

Control freaks rarely know that they are one. They believe that they are helping people with their “constructive criticism” or take over because “no one else will do it right.” And in times of high stress irrational thoughts can literally control a control freaks mind: ‘If I’m not home by 6pm, I’m a terrible parent.…

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10 things we have to remind our kids of every day

kids, things we have to remind our kids of every day, parenting

10 things we have to remind our kids of every day Our little ones are the light of our lives, and provide us with so many smiles and laughs each day, but somehow, no matter how many times we tell them, they seem to always forgot these 10 things! 1. Brush your teeth Yes, this…

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What to do when your baby has a temperature

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It’s important to know what to do and how to check your baby’s temperature if you suspect they are suffering from a fever. Here is some information you should know. How can I tell my baby has a temperature? You can test your baby’s temperature by placing your hand over their forehead, and if it feels…

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Parents at the start vs the end of the summer holidays

buzzfeed, parents at the start and end of summer

Parents at the start vs the end of the summer holidays At the start of summer we’re full of fun ideas to do with our little ones and wild excursions to take them on to fill their summer holidays with joy and outdoor fun, however, by mid July our intentions are starting to waver slightly,…

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