m&i loves: BOGS Kids Rainboots

BOGS Kids Rainboot

m&i loves: BOGS Kids Rainboots With the unpredictability of our Irish weather, being covered for both the sunny and the wet days this Summer is a must! For those wet days, or even just for messy and mucky kids’ adventures outside, we think the BOGS Kids Rainboot are the perfect choice for letting little ones…

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m&i loves: Scrunch toys

m&i loves, scrunch toys, beach toys for kids, summer toys

m&i loves: Scrunch toys Summer time is coming, and the sun is already starting to show it’s face! So in order to get prepared for trips abroad or beach days this Summer, we have Scrunch’s (the creators behind the non-plastic alternative beach bucket) new range, Scrunch toys. The Scrunch toys are made of a soft,…

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Study shows exercise during pregnancy reduces risks of gestational diabetes

pregnancy, exercise, exercise during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, health benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Study shows exercise during pregnancy reduces risks of gestational diabetes A new study has found that women who exercise throughout their pregnancy are less likely to develop gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes affects nearly one-fifth of pregnant women, but is most commonly developed by women classified as obese. Gestational diebetes is associated with an increased risk…

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Different weaning styles

weaning styles, traditional weaning styles, modern weaning styles, spoon fed weaning, baby fed weaning, baby weaning, weaning a baby

New study looks at parents’ preferences in different weaning styles Weaning styles and preferences are different for every family. Some parents prefer the tried and tested spoon fed weaning, while others opt for the baby led style, which sees the baby handle food and feed themselves. Vital Baby commissioned a survey highlighting the changing trends in weaning, and…

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8 ways to improve your toddler’s sleeping habits

sleeping, sleeping habits, toddler, schedule, sleep schedule, wake up, bedtime, tired, positive association, ways to improve your toddlers sleeping patterns, toddlers, toddlers sleeping patterns

Lot’s of children go through ups and downs with their sleep schedule. At times this can be more taxing for parents than it is for them! Here are some sure ways of getting your toddlers sleep schedule back into whack. Routine It may sound like the first port of call and the most obvious thing…

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10 signs your mum is superwoman

10 signs your mum is superwoman, mums, 10 signs your mum is the best

10 signs your mum is superwoman This week at maternity & infant we are celebrating all the fantastic mums out there, and want to recognise them in our #nukmumoftheyear award at the 2015 maternity & infant awards. We’ve decided to take a look at all the reasons why mums really are the superwomen we know them…

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