10 funny things that happen when you breastfeed

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Although for most women breastfeeding feels completely natural, especially once your hungry baby has arrived, being able to produce milk combined with leaky nipples does often lead to awkward, but hilarious, moments… The loud yelp You’re feeling pretty proud that you’ve got this breastfeeding figured, but now and again, your baby likes to keep you…

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5 products for a five minute face

You’re a busy mum on the go – but you don’t want to look like you’ve just fallen out of bed (even if you have). So how do some other mums look so effortlessly flawless? The secret is in clever products that work quickly and some nifty little tricks… What do you do? The temptation…

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All you need to know about online antenatal classes

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Irish Company ‘Antenatal Online’ offers parents-to-be a set of 10 Online Antenatal Classes which have been developed by some of Ireland’s foremost Mid-Wives, Consultant Obstetricians and Physiotherapists. How does it work? The videos, which allow parents to view them as often as they like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week cover all aspects…

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9 things you need to know about your toddler

Toddlers are a law unto themselves, and the sooner parents know that the better. Here are 9 things we know about toddlers that will definitely make your life better for knowing (or is ignorance still bliss? Maybe). Read: 5 signs you have a toddler in the house Alt-toys Actual toys? They are no fun. Your toddler…

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Study: Dad’s don’t engage in baby talk enough

dad, fathers day, reasons why we love our dads

Baby talk It may come as no surprise that babies hear more words and get more back-and-forth baby talk from their mothers than their fathers. However researchers say they were surprised at what they found when they fitted babies with microphones and told parents to turn them on only when both parents were around: Babies…

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Expert: Nicola Davies explains your pregnancy dreams

Bizarre and vivid dreams are common in pregnancy and can vary according to trimester. Dr Nicola Davies explores some of the common dream images and themes likely to appear in each trimester, and what they might signify. Why do we dream vividly while pregnant? Women tend to dream more during pregnancy than at any other…

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13 wackiest pregnancy fears

pregnancy fears, pregnancy worries, pregnancy questions, pregnancy, questions for obstetrician,

We just read this on-line and thought it was so hilarious we had to share it with you guys! thestir.cafemom.com asked obstetricians and gynaecologists to share some of the wackiest things they’ve been asked by pregnant women and the results will either give you a giggle or put your pregnancy fears to rest! 1. “One mom told…

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