8 things no one told you about raising a girl

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8 things no one told you about raising a girl If you’re a mother, you might think that, hey, you were a girl once, this raising little girls thing should be easy! And while you might have the upper hand (slightly), you will still be surprised about what little girls can be like. And if…

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8 things no one told you about raising a boy

7 rules for mums with sons

8 things no one told you about raising a boy If you’re a mother, and you have a girl, you can usually fall back on your own childhood memories to guide you through your parenting. But unless you grew up with a brother, there is a good chance that some of the things about raising…

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Maternity style: Kate Middleton

kate middleton expecting, kate middleton, duchess of cambridge, kate middleton baby

Kate Middleton was on official royal duty yesterday in London and to one students delight the Duchess was more than happy to chat about her unborn baby. Kate who is about six months pregnant, told Martina McDonagh that her unborn baby was moving all the time, “I can feel it moving right now.” Although she…

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m&i loves: The Comfortchew

best teething products, teething products for babies

m&i loves: The Comfortchew New from Cheeky Chompers, the home of the award winning Neckerchew, comes the Comfortchew! The latest innovation in teething products, the Cheeky Chompers Chew Pack combines the newly launched Comfortchew, a luxurious attachable teething comforter with tags and an award winning Neckerchew, the World’s first chewy dribble bib for teething tots,…

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How to create a baby’s nursery that will last

baby's nursery tips

How to create a baby’s nursery that will last Planning baby’s nursery is one of the most fun projects to take on during pregnancy. Rachel Murray offers tips and seeks expert advice to ensure you create the perfect nursery for your new little bundle. As soon as the nesting stage begins, your mind goes into nursery-planning overload. thoughts of a beautiful,…

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10 Sex questions you want to know the answer to

10 sex questions we want to know but are afraid to ask… 1) Is there a way to predict how much sex you’ll have as a couple? You can predict how often you’ll have sex later on by how much sex you have in the first year of your relationship. Nearly all couples experience a drop…

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