The truth about teething and nappy rash

Mums and dads out there know that teething can be enough of a problem on its own, but it can also bring all sorts of other discomforts to your child. Apart from cutting teeth into tender gums, your baby’s temperature can rise, their mood can be changeable, and an irritating rash can develop around their face…

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Reasons to read with our toddlers for World Book Day 2017!

For World Book Day 2017, we’ve gone through the reasons why it’s important to read to your toddlers. From fairy tales to action adventures there are books out there that cater to every child’s interests! What book are you reading today? Building relationships Reading a story book with your child is one of the key…

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Why children prefer free play to toys

How many parents despair on Christmas day when their children prefer a cardboard box over their new (maybe pricey) toys? Or when children are surrounded by colourful, stimulating games and proclaim to be bored? Ever wonder why that is? The truth is that children’s imaginations thrive on a blank canvas. Using cardboard boxes, or regular rooms in the house or…

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4 tips to help your baby start crawling

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All babies develop at different rates. Some babies don’t crawl till they’re over a year old, and some start moving bright and early. Some babies bypass crawling altogether and simply start walking one day. Walking and crawling gives your child their first taste of independence. They’ll love being able to go wherever they want, when…

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Healthy homemade fish fingers

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Fish fingers are a life line for parents with tricky eaters, but why not shelve the store-bought option and try a bit of DIY for this classic kids’ dish? It needs a bit of prep, so leave yourself some time, but once made you can keep them in the freezer for a quick and easy option…

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