7 reasons why we love our summer baby

A lot of thought goes into having children. Couples have to be ready to take that giant leap from young, wild things to careful, responsible adults. Planning is key when it comes to children, and the more prepared you are the better. For some parents, this goes as far as pinpointing when they would like their little bundle of joy to arrive…and waxing lyrical about why their Summer babies are better than their Autumnal/Winter counterparts.


Coming up to your due date wearing tight, fitted clothes are about the very last thing you want to be doing. In winter you have to constantly dress up in layers, outerwear and then once inside, it’s usually warm enough that you strip it all off again, only to put it back on before you step out. It’s too much. Summer time means one layer, and maybe an umbrella just in case!

Driving conditions

Your first trip back home from the hospital with your little bundle in tow is going to be hard enough without adding slippery roads and stormy weather into the mix.

Less germs

Now, you still have to mind them and don’t let all the randomers on the street touch and kiss your newborn (why do people think they can do that anyway?). But there are fewer of those seasonal bugs flying around during summer, so you can feel a bit safer in the knowledge that your little one is safe breathing in the fresh air.

Christmas stays free

Maybe you don’t do Christmas in your house and that is absolutely grand, but the truth is is that the whole country gets a bit hyped up around the most wonderful time of year. Sometimes it can be nice to take part, whether by attending a few mince pie parties, or family events. One thing is for sure, it’s easier to do so when you’re not nearing your due date.


Feet aching and toes pinching in your hot, water tight boots? All this made worse by the five-pound weight pressing on your bladder? Not in summer. Summer means sandals and they can be anything from flip flops to your most comfortable, hiking sandals.

Maternity leave

One of the best things about having your baby is coinciding their arrival with your maternity leave. And who can argue that summer isn’t the best time to be off on your maternity leave? 

For the foodies

By conceiving around Christmas time, you’ll be ‘eating for two’ just in time for some of the best food of the year! Winning.

But when all’s said and done, it’s true that when you have your baby makes as big (or as little) difference as to whether they’re a boy or a girl. So long as our babies, mums and dads are happy and healthy, what more is there to worry about?

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Originally posted 2018-07-19 08:22:28.