Why you should spend time with your partner without the kids

importance of a relationship after having a baby

importance of a relationship after having a baby
Becoming a parent is a massively life changing experience. Of course you are prepared for your life to be different, but did we expect ti would change this much?

Complete occupation

Parents will find themselves completely occupied by their newest arrivals. However, experts are saying this is not an advisable route for partners to take. That it can hamper your own personal relationships with friends, family and your partner.

Your baby becomes your 24/7. And understandably, but you must try not to forget about yourself, and your own wellbeing. Experts say that the realisation of the enormity of the responsibility of parenting can lead to postpartum depression in women, and also in new fathers.

That is why it is important to spend some time away from your children, even if it is only 30 minutes. Grab a coffee, go on a short walk together, or phone your friends for a catch up.

How it affects your relationship with your partner?

Often times, the relationship with your partner is the first to suffer and you may even need a reminder what made you fall in love with the person before the baby appeared. You two should try to keep some common interests, that don’t involve the kids. Commit to date nights, it doesn’t need to be a fancy affair, but pick a time when you are least tired, and just watch a film, or cook dinner together.

If you do not have some ‘me-time’ as you used to have before the baby, you will not be able to stay your happiest. And when you are not happy, you be able to function as your best – for your partner and your baby. You should not feel guilty about taking some time off from your parenting duties because you will come back to your kids as a happier mum and your kids will be happier in return.

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