Why we should be happy our kids are off for the summer!

With summer looming ahead for parents (both the staying at home kind and otherwise) it can feel daunting having to provide your children with stimulation for the three long months. But it’s not such a bad thing having your kids off and underfoot all the time – and though you may have places to be, it can all just feel less rushed. Here’s why we at M&I are cautiously optimistic about having the kids off for summer.

No more school lunches

True, if they’re enrolled in a summer camp they’ll need a packed lunch. But chances are, they’ll be a tad more excited about their camp activities than they were about school, thus paying less scrutiny to what you’re placing in their lunch box.

No need to find clean school uniforms

Gone are the evenings spent trying (fruitlessly) to get grass stains out of uniform trousers. Your kids can wear whatever they want in summer! In fact, give yourself a break and let them choose! Mismatching socks, sports jerseys, tutus you name it! Their wardrobe is their oyster. Heck, stay in your pyjamas until lunch. We don’t need to be anywhere.

Days all blur into one

The good thing about there no longer being a discrepancy between days (and times of day) are no more Sunday night blues. No more whining about having to go to school tomorrow. There is no school! For three months!


No more cajoling or bribing for homework to get done! There is none! Hurrah! 

No more road rage at the school run

No longer will there be war trying to find a parking spot within one hundred metres of the school. (I’ve always wondered why more school’s don’t do a roundabout system?) No more one (very short) hour between school pick-ups too, if you’re lucky enough to have kids a certain age.

Spending quality time with the guys

When it hits you that no one has anywhere pressing to be, it’s nice to realise the summer months mean spending some quality time with the gang. Be that at home, or out and about, take the time to stop and smell the figurative roses, without the stress of getting ‘ready for tomorrow’ to get you down.

Watch your kids get to know each other again

During the school term, tensions can run high between siblings when time seems to run away from you. But in summer, that tension can be channelled into gentle squabbles over which video we watch this evening, or whose turn is it to be ‘on’. All the while allowing your kids to enjoy doing things with each other again (without the class system at school to influence them). When you have nowhere to be, the squabbles are less drastic somehow, and can even be turned into a game.

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Originally posted 2018-06-22 08:46:38.