What to Expect: The second trimester

The second trimester from a woman’s body’s perspective is the easiest and most comfortable. In the second trimester energy levels come back, nausea subsides and your bump begins to grow.

Many women who suffer from morning sickness begin to feel better. You may also feel less tired. A dark line of pigment, the linea nigra, may form down the centre of your abdomen. This will fade after your baby is born. Your nipples and the area around them will darken considerably and your uterus will now be enlarging at a noticeable rate. Many women find the second trimester is a time of increased energy. Your bump will become more noticeable in the second trimester. You are likely to have more of an appetite, but don’t worry too much if you don’t feel like eating a lot – it is the quality and not the quantity of food that is important.

At this stage many women feel their baby move around for the first time. Some women also find that they feel flushed and perspire more than usual. This is due to the increased levels of blood circulating around your body, which is necessary to meet your baby’s demands. You may find that you have some swelling of your gums caused by the increased levels of hormones in your system.

You will be gaining weight rapidly. You may also be feeling practice contractions for labour called Braxton Hicks. Week 24, usually marks another visit to your doctor or midwife. At this point in the second trimester your baby’s heart can be heard with a stethoscope. Your own heart is now doing 40 per cent more work than usual.

You may begin to notice stretch marks on your skin and most will fade after the birth. Your baby is now pressing on your bladder, which means frequent trips to the bathroom.