The five best sports for every type of child

You’ve known from day one that when it comes to kids the ‘one size fits all’ approach just doesn’t cut it. The same goes for their choice of pastimes. Every child is different and the right sport or activity can encourage a child to overcome their weaknesses and hone their strengths as they navigate childhood.

Here’s our five best sports for every type of child.

The Shy Child – Team Sports

If you’re looking for an activity that will help your shy child build confidence and become more assertive then take a look at some local team sports for their age group. In a team sport, your child can feel supported by the skills of their fellow teammates until they become comfortable showcasing their own talents. Also, whether win or lose, team sports are a group effort and your child can feel more secure in the knowledge that the entire outcome of the game doesn’t rely on their sole performance.

The Clumsy Child – Football or Dance

If your child is having trouble finding their feet then any sport that encourages technical skills and agility will be beneficial to them. This would include activities such as football or dance. A sport like football teaches very precise footwork and there are local sports groups for any age and every level of skill. Dance offers the same level of precision and self-discipline over movement in the body but also offers a variety of different styles depending on your child’s particular preference.

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The Young Child – Soft Play

When a child is particularly young any parent can have concerns about them entering disciplined sports. In this case soft play can be an option that allows your little one to practice physical activity and test their own skills in an environment where it’s safe to fall down and easy to get back up again.

The Older Child – Martial Arts

Many parents are understandably concerned about the idea of their child taking part in martial arts. Yet, there’s a big buzz around the sport right now and your older child is bound to have noticed. While all sports provide a potential for injury, children who practice martial arts are proven to build skills in confidence and self control that serves them well into their formative teen years. Judo can be excellent as a starter as it holds less emphasis on striking than other forms of martial arts.

The Anxious Child – Parent/Child Yoga

Anxiety in a child can sometimes seem like a neverending and unfixable problem. If you think this is more than a temporary issue, perhaps a sport that encourages peace of mind and mindfulness is on the cards. Parent/child yoga can be an excellent opportunity for the both of you to embrace a more calming experience while learning the necessary skills to manage feelings of anxiety and stress.

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Originally posted 2017-05-03 14:06:22.