Best type of exercise for pregnant women

pregnancy exercise

pregnancy exercise
During pregnancy, exercise can feel like a chore. You’re already tired, feet may be swollen and still at work for the most part. But exercise can have great health benefits – especially when you’re pregnant. It can help you sleep better, stretch your aching muscles and reduce discomfort and back pain while increasing circulation.

The following types of exercises are safe during pregnancy, though some may not be suitable during the last few weeks, and you may need to lessen activity as your pregnancy progresses. Talk to your doctor or midwife before starting exercises that are new to you.

Ballet pump

Keep those pirouettes to a minimum but do engage in some pliés. They are a wonderful way of stretching and working the quads, hamstrings and bum area, as well as improving your balance.

How: Stand parallel to the back of a sturdy chair, and rest your hand upon it. Turn your toes and knees out to a 45 degree angle. Bend your knees, while keeping your back as straight as possible. Straighten the legs and repeat.

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Leg lifts

Although this exercise is done lying down, that’s where the relaxing part ends.

How to: Lie on your right side, with a pillow underneath you for comfort. Resting your head on your hand, bend your right leg to a 45 degree angle (for stability). Keeping your left leg straight, lift it up to about hip height and repeat. Then change sides and repeat. This strengthens your core and inner-thigh.


Pregnancy Yoga is popular worldwide. It helps to maintain flexibility and muscle tone while you’re pregnant.

Our favourite is Triangle pose. This one strengthens the legs and stretches your back, relieving back pain.

How to: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, pointing your right toe out. Lift your arms above your head and slowly swing them down to touch your shin on your right leg. Slowly return yourself to the starting position. Change to the left side by pointing your left toe out and repeating the same actions.

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An easy walk most days of the week will sort help to sort out any aches and pains you may have. If you were a runner previously, you may try a bit of light jogging after the 12-week mark. Always consult with your doctor before trying heavy exercise though.

After you’ve exercised don’t forget to put your feet up (to prevent swelling!) and chill out for a while. You’ve earned it!


Originally posted 2018-05-15 10:10:00.