4 ways to get your kids through the end of school

4 ways to get your kids through the end of school maternity and infant family

4 ways to get your kids through the end of school maternity and infant family
It’s the middle of May, and by now we’re all starting to feel the exhaustion that comes with the daily slog. We’re looking forward to lazy days where nothing is planned, where we can chill out with the kids and play in the park or the beach, or better yet even go away on holidays somewhere.

But there’s still a few weeks left until freedom commences. Here’s how to get through them.

Stay strong

If you have older children going through exams, they will look to you for strength and firmness. Keep the TV time to a minimum and while we encourage you to get your kids outside (especially since there’s a stretch in the days) keep to that study plan and get homework done first.

Stick to the routine

Try not to deviate from your kids regular routine as much as possible. Once the weather starts getting fine, attention levels seem to drop just as much as the thermometer rises. Head to bed at the same time, and wake up at the same time every morning. Eat regular meals.

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Make sure there are plenty of things to do outdoors

Roadside chalk pictures, balls, tennis rackets, bikes, scooters… whatever takes your child’s fancy, make sure there’s plenty for them to get up to outside. Try to make t more interesting than what they’ll find on the tablet, TV or phone.

Research has proven that playing outside can improve children’s concentration in school, lessen aggression and improve their ability to cooperate.

Acknowledge your child’s progress

Look back and acknowledge all the work your child has done at school over the course of the year. Ask her what she learned, what she found challenging or fun or silly, and what she liked about her teacher this year. Look forward and ask her what she’s looking forward to about next year, and what she might find challenging or different.

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