When is your child ready for their first phone?

Kids phones/maternityandinfant
Kids phones/maternityandinfant

Phones were definitely a luxury only a few years ago. Now they’ve become an extension of our hands. And while we know we wouldn’t be anywhere without our phone, but when is it right to give one to our children?

Some parents believe that mobiles are an essential tool for staying in touch and keeping a line of communication with your children open at all times. Yet some parents argue that prematurely receiving a mobile opens some children up to the potential threat of cyberbullying and inappropriate internet use.

Maturity versus age

When trying to decide if your child should for a mobile, age is not as important as maturity and responsibility. If your child can demonstrate both by checking in with you at the right times, adhering to the rules set by you and can handle a phone sensibly, then he or she might be ready.

Ask yourself some questions

You must ask yourself the relevant questions before considering investing in a phone for your child – Do they need to keep in touch for safety reasons? Would having easy access to friends benefit them socially? Would they adhere to their plan and not overspend on credit?

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Consider a less-smart phone

When you decide that now is the time, you will no doubt have a very excited child on your hands. They may even start suggesting expensive phones to you, that have cameras, apps, music players and everything but the kitchen sink built into them.

At the end of the day, they’re children and most of these techy phones are aimed at adults, who might actually utilise all the hi-tech apps and equipment built into it. So consider a smaller, budget price mobile for your child’s first phone.

And remember, only you know when your child is ready for a phone.

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