Canavan Byrne Early Educator of the Year Award 2017

This year’s winner of the Canavan Byrne Early Educator of the Year award goes to Ida Lane. Ida works as a Montessori teacher whose compassion, and love of her students shines through every day.

When Jennifer’s youngest daughter became paralysed from the chin down, she was told that she would be unable to attend preschool for at least two years. This all changed when the family became introduced to Ida. “When the HSE said that Poppy couldn’t go to school for two years, I spoke with Ida and she said ‘No, mentally she’s absolutely fine and she needs to be here. Simple as that,’” explains Jennifer. “She didn’t have any reservation on taking her on.”

From this, and from seeing her son go through Ida’s care along with a few nieces and nephews to boot, means that Jennifer has a pretty good idea of why Ida was definitely in line to win this award. “We do see Ida on a day to day basis and how she works. She’s very patient and very caring,” says Jennifer. “I think she’s does the job for the love of the job and not for money. I can’t see her making any money with all the stuff she provides for each child.” Even when it came to the physical implications of having a child with a disability in the facility, Ida made the necessary applications to provide for her students; making changes to her own home in the process. Ida’s provision, love and care for the children in her Montessori are a testament to the Early Childhood Education sector and profession. It just goes to show, what one woman can do.

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