It’s been the “happiest six months of my life” for Cheryl, Bear and Liam

With our favourite talent show back on screens for the season, we’re casting a thought to our favourite English rose-come-X factor judge Cheryl, who has reportedly has had “the best six months of her life” she said in an interview with The Sun this weekend.


It seems that although a tumultuous end to her US career and two tough marriages have not stopped the English singer from finally finding happiness in the form of her One-Direction hunk-husband Liam Payne and their little son Bear.


She made a graceful return to our screens this weekend joining ‘frenemy’ Simon Cowell on the X-Factor for the judges’ houses episode, and the pair even engaged in some gentle teasing about the unique names of their sons, with Simon feigning shock upon hearing the little boy’s name. He said, “What’s his name? Hang on, what’s his name? What’s Bear short for?” Before Cheryl, with a teasing ease replied with “unbearable”, before quickly explaining the actual meaning to his unique name.

The name

Bear received his name, the star said, a few days after birth, when her midwife used to come in and address him as “the little bear”. In the interview with The Sun, she said, “I always loved the name. And the midwife always used to come in when he was little — he used to, like, grunt — and used to go, ‘There’s the little bear, there’s the little bear.’

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As names go, it sure is different and with the celebrity trend on names becoming ever the more bizarre, we can’t help but have a little affection for the name Bear!


“And it stuck. It’s just his name and I wanted a unique name.”