Natural remedies to help you cope with morning sickness

Morning sickness
Natural remedies to help you cope with morning sickness

Unfortunately, morning sickness is something that will most likely effect you if you are expecting. Although the causes are still not fully known, doctors’ have come to a theory that it is the body’s reaction to the pregnancy hormone hCG, which is produced mostly during the first trimester, that could be the culprit of your nausea.

We wish we could tell you there was one, simple cure, but fret not, as these natural remedies for coping with morning sickness will help you cope with the nausea that morning sickness brings.

Peppermint: Peppermint has been claimed to be a great reliever of the symptoms of morning sickness, with the menthol working as a stomach soother. Drinking some peppermint tea could help keep your nausea at bay.

Getting plenty of rest: Tiredness can intensify feelings of nausea, so make sure you are resting up and getting as decent a night’s sleep as possible!

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Water: Sipping water in small amounts rather than in large amounts throughout the day will help prevent any vomiting.

Bland foods: Eating bland foods such as potatoes, chicken and bland vegetables and avoiding spicy foods will help reduce vomiting, as they are easier on the system.

Small, regular meals: Eating regularly and in small proportions will reduce feelings of nausea and help with vomiting episodes. Also, keeping crackers on your bedside locker, to be eaten first thing in the morning, will line your stomach first thing and can also help reduce nausea.

Iced water cubes or popsicles: Iced cold water has been known to help with feelings of nausea and morning sickness, as the coldness of the water can soothe the stomach, while hydrating you at the same time.

We hope this helps!

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