Having a baby works as a “youth serum”

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Having a baby works as a “youth serum”

Having a baby changes your life so much, but a recent study has shed some light on the amazing effects it can have on your body. A new study says that being pregnant has a “rejuvenating effect”, acting like a ‘youth serum’ for expectant mums.

The new findings were published in a health journal called Fertility and Sterility, and is based on the findings of MRI scans carried out on parts of livers transplanted into pregnant and non-pregnant mice.

The major finding of the research was that the sharing of blood between a mother and her baby appears to help the mother repair damaged tissue in the body more easily.

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The ideas behind the studies are that as you age, your body finds it more difficult to repair damaged tissue. The experiments found that older pregnant mice were able to regrow 96% of their liver tissue in two days, which is twice the normal rate in mice that are not pregnant.

The report attributes this to the “unique biological model” of the shared blood system during pregnancy.

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Originally posted 2015-04-10 09:39:25.