Five ways to survive the two-week wait

We’ve all been there. You’ve decided that the time is right to have a baby, done all your timings, looked for all the signs, did the deed many times and now you’re on an anxious wait to see if you’ve been successful. Known as the two-week wait (or 2ww for those in the know), time slows down to a snail’s pace as you analyse every twinge and look for any signs of your period. As a cruel twist of fate, some of the early signs of pregnancy are also remarkably like the twinges you have when your period is on its way. As if the hormones and PMT weren’t enough to deal with.

Now, imagine if you’ve been trying for a long time – or if you’ve taken the plunge and gone for infertility treatment – the 2ww has the capacity to take over your life as you anxiously wait to see if this, finally, is the time you’ve been successful. It’s a worrying time; here’s our five top tips to survive the two-week wait, whether you’re on your first or your 20th long wait.

Step away from Dr Google

Yes, you might be anxiously reading into every twinge, but you’ll only drive yourself demented if you Google all those aches and cramps. As with everything, if you type the right combination of words into Google, you’ll get the answer you so anxiously want – but it mightn’t necessarily be true. Just because someone reported morning sickness straight after conception doesn’t mean that the nausea you’re feeling is a sign you’ve been successful. Even worse, don’t Google for signs of miscarriage – this will not put you in a good frame of mind.

Make some plans

Trey to distract yourself as much as possible – and if possible, think ahead on this one. Make some fun plans, such as heading out with a friend for a day out, or a night away. You might want to take it easy, so try and make plans with relaxation in mind, such as a spa day or a nice dinner.

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Don’t test too soon

Yes, we’re all guilty of reaching for the tests that promise semi-accurate results days and even a week before your period is due, but you’re likely to drive yourself crazy if you test too soon. Try to hold out as long as you can before peeing on a stick (POAS, again for those in the know).

Put a limit on obsession

If you really can’t help wondering and obsessing over the twinges and possibilities, especially if you’ve been waiting for a long time or going through treatment, then put a limit on obsessing. Spend ten minutes discussing the possibilities with your partner, and when those ten minutes are up, make a huge effort to concentrate on something other than that weird ache in your abdomen.

Don’t beat yourself up

Once ovulation has happened, there’s very little you can do to affect your outcome. Be sensible in what you do, but remember that essentially, you’re not going to change whether you’re pregnant or not. Also remember that sometimes pregnancies don’t progress past a few days, but this is down to a variety of reasons, none of which are connected to what you did/did not do during the 2ww.

All we can say now is GOOD LUCK! If you’re not successful this time, be kind to yourself and take time to regroup. If you are successful, the real wait starts here…

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Originally posted 2016-11-17 16:49:58.