8 Vintage Irish Names That Exude Elegance

8 Vintage Irish Names That Exude Elegance maternity and infant family
8 Vintage Irish Names That Exude Elegance maternity and infant family
Playing the baby name game can be a tough one. Every parent wants a name that their little one can grow into and become a strong, confident adult with. But while they may look like a “Bunny” or “Britney” now, is that the moniker they want when they’re 40? Try some of these vintage Irish names that hold the perfect balance of class and sass.

Girls Names


Pronounced: Ave + leen

Meaning: A name that has strong roots within the Norman community, Aibhlinn means “wished for” or “longed for child”, perfect for the couple who have been waiting for their little bundle of joy to arrive.


Pronounced: Care + in

Meaning: Derived from the Irish word cara, meaning friend, Caireann is believed to stand for “little friend” or “little beloved” in Irish. Caireann was also remembered as the maternal ancestor of the high kings of Ireland in Irish mythology.


Pronounced: Kay + linn

Meaning: This mythological Irish name was highly coveted and reserved only for little girls who were said to be the most pure and fair.


Pronounced: Ew + na

Menaing: In traditional Irish folklore Oonagh was a beautiful fairy (Queen of the fairies in fact) with long strands of golden hair that trailed on the ground as she moved. She was also the wife of legendary warrior Fionn Mac Cool.

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Boys Names


Pronounced: Bray + dawn

Meaning: In the Irish language, Bradan feasa means Salmon of knowledge, which has cultural significance in our mythology. Historically, it is believed that this name is imbued with wisdom for little boys with aspirations of gaining knowledge.


Pronounced: Donn + acka

Meaning Donn = brown and cath = battle. Therefore, Donnacha referes to a “brown-haired warrior”. It is also the name of a legendary high king of Ireland. A named filled with spirit and fight, it’s a perfect fit for any raven haired boys planning on conquering the world around them.


Pronounced: Fee-un

Meaning: Probably one of the most famous names in Irish mythology, the legends of Fionn Mac Cool tell the tales of his bravery, strength and kindness. From his dealings with the Salmon of Knowledge, to his adventures leading his band of warriors, the Fianna, the name Fionn is remembered with honour and respect.


Pronounced: Lock + lan

Meaning: The name Lochlann has a long history in Scandinavian countries and is typically a name given to fair or red-headed boys as a tribute to their Viking heritage.

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