7 hot weather beauty fixes

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7 hot weather beauty fixes

The weather is heating up, and while we’re not complaining about the sunshine, sometimes the heat can leave us feeling muggy, too warm and downright uncomfortable. Stuffy, humid weather abroad or at home can play havoc with your skin and hair as well as other things, so check out these quick fixes to keep you cool and the hot weather horrors at bay.

Straw like ends and oily roots

We hate this! To combat this problem only shampoo the scalp and condition the ends of your hair. Stay away from conditioning above mid level of the hair as this will just see for oilier roots much much faster. Using a serum or spray will target straw like hair and help protect it from any potential sun damage,which can cause the dryness and brittle feel to your hair and also affect hair dye. When abroad, be aware that chlorine in the pool can cause a brittle, drying effect to the hair so make sure to rinse after swimming and use a leave in conditioner after showering and wear a sun hat to protect dyed hair from sun damage.

Muggy temperatures = sweaty skin

Opt for loose, cotton clothing that allows your skin to breathe, eliminating sweat and keeping you cool. Using an anti-perspirant deoderant in the morning will keep sweat at bay during the day, while keeping a water spray in your bag will be a lifesaver for a quick cool-me-down when you feel too hot. Spray on the face, neck and decoletage for instant resfreshed relief. La Roche Posay’s Au Thermale water spray is great for this.

Cool down from the inside out

One of the most simple and most important ways to keep cool during hot weather is to keep hydrated. Carry a bottle of water in your handbag or leave it in front of your desk at work to remind you to keep drinking. When you’re hydrated on the inside it will help control your natural body temperature, overall helping to reduce your temperature.

Dip in the pool, green hair

You fancied a nice refreshing dip in the pool to cool you down after lying out in the sun on your holidays….and now your hair’s green. This is a common occurrence, especially to those with dyed blonde hair. However, chlorine isn’t the enemy. Copper present in the pool reacts with protein in the hair and in turn can create a green hue to your lovely locks. To prevent this  rinse your hair immediately after getting out of the pool, rub a little coconut oil in before swimming or try a conditioner with silicone polymers to prevent the copper from reacting with the hair.

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Make up sliding off your face

In hot weather our make up can sometimes slide. The simple keys for stay all day make up are choosing an oil-free moisturiser and foundation, using a primer before foundation application and setting powder afterward. All this combined with the wonderful invention called setting spray will help keep your make up from sliding. Urban Decay do a wonderful setting spray which, once sprayed over applied make up, will set it for the day. Bye bye slidey make up!

Sunglasses giving you pasty circles

Lying out all day in the sun and wearing your stylish shades only to come in from the sun to realise you’ve got white pasty circles around the eyes? We’ve all been there. Try mixing a small amount of facial tanning gel in with your moisturiser and rubbing it around the eye area, avoiding close to the actual eye.

Tight shoes and sweaty feet

Wearing tight shoes and no socks can lead to sweaty feet, which no one wants. It can get very uncomfortable and can result in chafing due to the foot rubbing against the shoe, and can see for some very sore blisters! When it comes to socks, wear ones that are at least 50-60% wool. Nylon is not a good fabric for targeting sweaty feet as the skin has little room to breathe in the material, resulting in excessive sweating.

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