Six surprising beauty benefits of being pregnant

Pregnant women are always beautiful, but with morning sickness, bloating and increased hormones they might not feel that way sometimes. We at maternity & infant believe that all pregnant women deserve to know what it is that makes them and their bodies especially lovely during their first, second and third trimester.

Thicker hair

Don’t worry – you’re not suddenly growing extra hair all over the place. But while you’re pregnant your body loses hair at a slower rate than usual. Higher levels of oestrogen prolong the growth phase of hair, resulting in less shedding. So take advantage of those luscious locks while you can, because when your baby arrives your hair will go back to normal, losing approximately 100 strands a day!

Glowing skin

We’ve all heard of the magical glow that allegedly all pregnant women get between fertilisation and their due date, but what is it exactly? Pregnancy causes an influx of hormones, which means your skin will release more oil, giving it that lovely soft glow.

Boosted bustline

Yes it’s true, you’ll need different underwear. It’s common for women to go up a cup size (or two) during their pregnancy. You’ll notice the girls increasing in size around eight weeks or so.

Stronger nails

Some women find that their nails grow quicker and stronger while they’re pregnant. Surprise surprise, those longer, harder nails are also a result of those extra hormones having a party in your new pregnant body.

Fuller lips

Practice your duck face ladies, because your lips will swell during your second or third trimester. This is a result of fluid retention and whilst you will definitely notice it in your expanding tummy, women can also notice it in their face, giving those lips a luscious pout.

Gorgeous curves

Baby bumps are cute, so don’t be afraid to wear dresses that will flaunt your bump. There’s nothing like finally being able to wear bodycon without taking extreme measures to control your midsection (bye-bye spanx). Hold that belly out proudly! The future president could be in there.


Originally posted 2017-01-17 09:46:53.