10 Sex questions you want to know the answer to

10 sex questions we want to know but are afraid to ask…

1) Is there a way to predict how much sex you’ll have as a couple?

You can predict how often you’ll have sex later on by how much sex you have in the first year of your relationship. Nearly all couples experience a drop off point two years in.

2) 18-24 years old – 35 per cent have sex two to three times a week, 24 per cent four or more times a week
25-29 – 48 per cent do it a few times a month, 35 per cent a few times a week.
30-39 – 50 per cent do it a few times a month, 21 per cent do it two to three times week.
40-49 – 47 per cent do it a few times a month, 20 per cent two to three times a week.
50-59 – 36 per cent do it a few times a month.
60-69 – 35 per cent do it a few times a month.

3) When are people most likely to have an affair?

When life circumstances change dramatically (new job, death of a parent) and also when you’re just about to reach a milestone birthday. If you’re 29, 39, 49 – just about to enter a new decade – you’re highly likely to reflect on your life and identify what’s missing.  If that’s sex, you might well decide to have an affair, according to results of a study of more than eight million men. The researchers also surveyed women and found similar patterns, though not quite as pronounced.

4) Is it normal to fantasise about people other than your partner?

A UK study of nearly 20,000 people found 96 per cent of men and 90 percent of women fantasise but 95 per cent of us don’t share them because most of them revolve around people other than our partner.

5) How long does it take men to climax?

Once he’s penetrated, most men ejaculate within four to ten minutes.

6) How many men have problems getting an erection?

Erectile dysfunction affects more than half of all men aged between 50 and 70 but recent stats indicate one in four men under 40 also frequently have erection problems.

7) How many women orgasm from intercourse alone?

Pretty impressive research that analysed 33 studies spanning the last 80 years found only a quarter of women consistently orgasm during intercourse.  Recent research suggests the size and placement of the clitoris influence who can and can’t. The bigger and closer it is to the vaginal opening, the more likely you are to orgasm from penetration alone.
8) If you’re having sex less than ten times a year, you’re officially in a ‘no sex’ marriage.
This is the criteria US sex therapists use.You’re in a ‘low sex’ marriage if you have sex less than 25 times a year.

9) How many positions do the average couple enjoy?

Most couples alternate between two to three favourites. One American study of 10,000 people found 40 per cent of men prefer doggy style, 30 per cent of women like missionary.

10) Does everyone give oral sex?

In one US study, 91 percent of women did, compared to 79 percent of men.

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