8 easy and do-able dates for parents

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8 easy and do-able dates for parents

Finding the time to spend a moment alone together with your partner when you have kids can be a little difficult! But don’t worry, try these simple date night ideas that can be done in the comfort of your own home, no fuss, lots of fun!

Cook together

Choose a cuisine from a foreign country, or just one you’ve both never tried. Helping each other to cook can be fun, and gets you spending some quality time alone just the two of you. Choose a theme; French, Italian, Mexican and centre your dinner and evening around it.

Watch a movie/Listen to music

Sitting down to your favourite film, or listening to an album or music you both love and chatting is one of the easiest ways to spend time together in the evenings when the kids have gone to sleep. Make some popcorn and just enjoy each other’s company.

Spa night

Have a night of relaxation. Create a nice atmosphere with music and candles and get your partner to give you a massage or a foot rub, returning the favour for them.

Have a romantic meal

This doesn’t have to be in a restaurant! Cook something with your partner, encorporating tip number one! Set the table, light candles, crack open a bottle of wine and relax. Why not get your partner to cook a surprise meal? Take turns cooking each other a surprise meal while letting the other relax.


Babysitting for friends can come in handy later. Arrange to ‘swap-sit’ with close friends that you trust who have kids too, so you can afford to go out for a night without having to ask family to babysit. Babysitters can be expensive, so arranging with another couple to babysit once a month will allow you a night free a month to have fun with your partner.

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As simple an activity as sitting down together and looking through photo albums of when you both started dating, holidays you’ve been on or even watching your wedding video can be such a lovely way to focus your attention back onto your relationship again, and often leads to hours of chatting and laughing! A great way to wind down and have some fun together.

Play a game

Whether it’s one you’ve made up or a board game, when paired with atmoshphere and a nice glass of wine, games can be a great way of having a laugh. Simple!

Start watching a TV show together

Sometimes our nights when the kids go to bed can be spent watching TV shows we like, that our other halves may not be so enthusiastic about! Why not pick a current acclaimed TV show to start watching together, keeping you both on the same level of interest. Having something to follow together and chat about afterward is a great and easy way of spending time together.

Have fun!

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