How to create a baby’s nursery that will last

baby's nursery tips
How to create a baby’s nursery that will last

Planning baby’s nursery is one of the most fun projects to take on during pregnancy. Rachel Murray offers tips and seeks expert advice to ensure you create the perfect nursery for your new little bundle.

As soon as the nesting stage begins, your mind goes into nursery-planning overload. thoughts of a beautiful, cosy room to which you can bring your baby home fill your mind, but as soon as you hit the shops the sheer choice can be overwhelming. A nursery needs to be calming for your
baby as well as a space for you to enjoy. Think child-friendly rather than childish and remember to stay true to your style.

We’ve compiled tips on what to consider when planning a nursery and how you can take it from newborn right through to toddlerhood.


“First: de-clutter. Find a place for everything and donate the rest. you will not believe how quickly your home will be re-cluttered once baby arrives,” explains interior designer Pamela McDonald. “Plan to decorate at least six to eight weeks before your due date as all odours must be eliminated before you bring baby home, and have the room filled with fresh air.”

Pamela advises that you start by choosing a theme or colour scheme of three colours, max. It’s easier to achieve a consistent look if you decide to go for a themed nursery, but be careful not to go over the top. remember to keep the balance between rest and stimulation. The easiest way to avoid theme overload is by creating a single point of focus and keeping the rest simple.

Keep the walls and floors neutral and add easily replaced accessories like wall stickers. If you have your heart set on themed wallpaper, keep it
to just one wall. be creative; everything you buy doesn’t have to be themed. For instance, sheer drapes will create a princess theme or use a toy hammock to create a jungle look.

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Pick a theme that will last from baby to toddler. Flexibility is key. think about how your baby will use the bedroom in later years. Save money by investing in a good cot-bed, dresser and curtains that will grow with baby through to the toddler years. a top tip for getting baby to develop good sleeping habits is to invest in some blackout blinds, but remember to keep cords well out of reach.

“Buy a dresser with a changing mat space on top that can be used as a chest of drawers in a toddler’s room,” says Pamela, adding, “Wooden floors work best in a nursery. they are easy to clean, stainproof and dust allergies are quickly eliminated. If you feel wooden floors are too dull for a nursery, add a rug for a pop of colour. rugs are multi-purposeful as they can be used as a playmat too.”


Storage can be one of the biggest issues in a nursery. a new baby comes with so much baggage, it’s hard to find a place for and keep the nursery neat and tidy at the same time. In fact, gifts for a new baby can sometimes be enough to fill a nursery. “Think of how much storage you’ll need and multiply by two!” says Pamela. “A fully functional nursery means nappies, creams, wipes, baby gros and vests are kept within arm’s reach of your changing mat. babies’ clothes are tiny, so maximise your wardrobe space by installing an extra rail.”

Babies’ shoes are a bit like matching socks: easily lost, so invest in a shoe wallhanger for easy access.


“Safety is paramount,” cautions Pamela. “Keep lamps out of reach. lamps get hot quickly and could cause a painful accident. lamp and blind cords must be short and secured tightly. Cover all electric sockets – babies are drawn to sticking their fingers into any hole they can.”

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