10 Sex myths debunked

sex, sex myths, sex studies, match.com, sex and love, couples sex, singles sex, what are men mostly attracted to

sex, sex myths, sex studies, match.com, sex and love, couples sex, singles sex, what are men mostly attracted to
Helen Fisher, chief science adviser for Match.com and an anthropologist who specialises in love, conducted a comprehensive study of singles’ attitudes toward dating and sex that surveys over 5,000 Americans representative of the American population, they are not members of match.com

We think you will be surprised by the findings, we certainly were.

Sex myth: Singles judge a potential partner first by their body

Singles actually judge a potential date first by their grammar (88 per cent of women; 75 per cent of men), their self-confidence (84 per cent of women; 69 per cent of men), and their teeth (81 per cent of women; 67 per cent of men). Agreed.

Sex myth: Women are turned on by sexy images of their partner. Period!

77 per cent of women do not want to receive a sext from a date, and 48 per cent don’t want to get any kind of selfie from a man. Amen

Sex myth: Singles keep sexy texts to themselves

Fraid not, most like they’ve been whats app’d to a group, screen shot to snap chat or passed around over coffee at work. 25 per cent of both men and women admitted to sharing a sexy photo they had received. Sorry, not sorry!

Sex myth: Men are not attracted to promiscuous women

76 per cent of men said they would be comfortable sleeping with a partner who had wracked up more sexual partners than than themselves.

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Sex myth: The biggest sexual turn on is being attractive

98 per cent of both men and women said sexual confidence is the biggest turn on in the bedroom. Confidence is key.

Sex myth: Men want to have sex everyday

Only 19 per cent of singles (24 per cent of men, 16 per cent of women) would ideally want to have sex at least daily with a familiar partner, and 35 per cent of singles (both men and women) would ideally want to have sex two to three times a week with a familiar partner. Could have fooled me…

Sex myth: Blondes have more fun in bed

Women with red hair had the most orgasms 41 per cent followed swiftly by women with grey hair 38 per cent. Never a truer word spoken.

Sex myth: The younger you are the more sex you are having

Singles in their 30’s were having the most sex in any age group. 58 per cent had sex versus 46 per cent of all age groups. Hands up to the oldies.

Sex myth: Only women fake orgasms

35 per cent of men admitted to faking an orgasm. And we thought we were the only ones!

Sex myth: Men just want to satisfy themselves in bed

Men are more likely to find pleasing their partner sexually exciting than pleasing themselves.

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