10 baby myths all parents should know

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10 baby myths all parents should know
1. Babies’ need sophisticated toys for brain development

Although a stimulating environment is key for helping baby’s brain develop, sophisticated toys are not actually necessary.

2. Holding books close to baby’s eyes will damage their vision

Holding books close to baby’s eyes won’t damage their eyes, however if your child is holding a book or tablet close to their eyes it could be a sign of near sightedness and is best to get checked with your doctor.

3. Baby’s length predicts their height in the future

A baby’s length does not signify how tall they will be in the future as they grow. However, their length when they get a little older may have an insight into this.

4. Baby’s eye colour doesn’t change after 6 months

Most baby’s eye colour can be permanent at 12 months, however some children’s eye colour can continue to change well up until the age of 6.

5. Baby’s development is predetermined to fixed milestones

A baby’s development differs from baby to baby, and there is no set time that a baby will have gained a new ability.

6. Babies have a short attention span

Babies actually have a good attention span, and can focus on many things at once, instead of one thing at a time like adults, this being how they can learn things so quickly.

7. You instantly bond with baby at birth

Although the baby books and everyone around you will tell you to expect love at first sight, don’t feel worried if this doesn’t happen immediately. It isn’t a mark on you as a mother if you don’t feel it straight away as bonding is a process that takes time. Some will feel instantaneous affection and for others the onset will take a little longer. Nothing to worry about!

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8. Helping baby stand will cause bow legs

Bouncing baby and helping him to stand will actually help baby’s legs grow straight. Legs are bowed when babies are in the womb and standing actually helps stretch the legs become straighter from the bow legs at birth.

9. All baby cries sound the same

Your baby is actually developing many different crying sounds to help communicate to you what they are feeling, or what they need. It can be difficult but after a while you may get to distinguish a hungry cry from a tired cry and a winding cry.

10. Babies need to be bathed every day

Although it is commonly believed that baby’s should be bathed every day, they don’t actually need to be, requiring a bath only 2-3 times a week. Bathing too often can remove needed moisture from baby’s skin, but as long as the neck, nappy area and creased skin is kept clean daily, the bath can be skipped. However if they enjoy it, let them have one, just skip the soap.

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