12 thoughts all parents have during dinnertime with a toddler

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12 thoughts all parents have during dinnertime with a toddler

Dinner time is usually an occasion that brings to mind thoughts of finally sitting down after a long, hard day and enjoying some lovely hot food with a relaxing glass of vino to go with it. That is if you’re not a parent of a toddler. Then dinner time goes a little something more like this!….

1. They literally just said they would only eat pasta and chicken 10 minutes ago and now it’s their least favourite food and getting it into their mouth is going to be as impossible as breaking into Fort Knox.

2. Trying to teach them to hold cutlery?…..em, maybe we’ll leave that off for another year! Hands at the ready!

3. Trying to force feed them vegetables, and losing. They ate one yesterday, that’s going to have to do until tomorrow!

4. Thinking “I would LOVE to be force fed warm, buttery pasta. Why are you making such a big deal about it?!”, when they refuse to eat their food when you feed them.

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5. When your toddler picks off the minuscule slightly burned pieces or skin on the chicken and then refuses to eat the whole thing. *facepalm*

6. You LOVED this dinner two days ago, now you hate it…where is the logic here?!

7. Please, please tell me dinner time is like this in every household…

8. Okay, they’ve eaten four spoonfuls, is this enough?…probably not…here we go again!

9. Is it really, really bad if I turn on the TV to stop the screaming and get them to eat this??

10. Is it bed time yet?

11. I think there’s chilled wine in the fridge. Yep, that’s getting opened.

12. They ate half, plus some carrott!! Success!

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