The low-down on childcare prices in Ireland

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The low-down on childcare prices in Ireland

A nanny is someone who looks after your children in your home, and therefore is your employee so you are responsible for paying all taxes and social contributions that are relevant. A full-time nanny will generally work from between 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday, with any extra babysittng hours not included in the gross weekly wage. The rate of pay for a nanny depends on how many children you have, how much experience the nanny in question has and the nanny in particular’s location and qualifications. Nannies are entitled to statutory holidays and are paid 52 weeks of the year. All nannies should have the following qualifications: Minimum Fetac level 5 chilcare certificate and first aid.

Average guideline of pay in urban areas:
Full time: €10 – €12 per hour. €500-€600 per week gross pay.
Part time: €12 – €15 per hour. €280 – €375 per week gross pay.

In other parts of the country nannies may charge the minimum wage of €8.65 an hour full time (€400 – €480 gross pay per week) and €10 an hour part time.


A childminder is someone who cares for children in their own home. A minder may mind up to 8 children including their own, but may only look after 5 pre school children. No more than two of the children a childminder minds should be under the age of 15 months (including the minder’s own children). Childminders are self employed and are therefore responsible for paying their own taxes. Childminders should be paid 52 weeks of the year unless families do not require the childminder for a long period of time, ie. Summer months.

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Average guideline of pay in urban areas:
Full-time: €5 – €6.50 per hour, €50 a day for one child.
Part- time / after school (incl. school collections) €5-€6.50 ph., €25 a day for one child.
For a second child or sibling some childminders may give a discount of €8 per hour.

In other areas full-time childminders may charge from €5 an hour or €40 a day per child. Part time: €5 an hour or daily rate of €15 – €20.

Au Pair

An Au Pair is ideal for someone looking for around 20-30 hours of babysitting a week. An Au Pair is usually a live in childminder who gets paid weekly pocket money and resides in the family home for free in return for minding the children and doing light housework. Au Pairs work between 25 – 35 hours per week including babysitting for usually 6-12 month periods. Weekly pocket money given to au pairs differs from place to place, with the money given in urban areas being the most expensive. In urban areas Au Pairs receive between €100-€150 weekly pocket money. In other areas they can receive anything from €80 – €100 weekly. Au Pairs that reside outside the home are employees and you are expected to pay them minimum wage of €8.65 an hour.

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