10 insanely cute things all babies do

Okay, so babies are ridiculously cute nearly all of the time, with the exception of the crying factor, no-one makes an adult go all gooey inside like a baby. But there are some adorably cute moments that are just kept for mum. These moments are super special and should be cherished because babies grow way too quick!!

  1. When babies put their hands into the air, stare at it in wonder, until they realise holy moly, that’s mine!
  2. This is quickly followed by an attempt to eat both hands by stuffing them into their mouth at the same time.
  3. Give that extra special mummy smile when you come into their eyeline.
  4. Nestle their heads into the side of your neck….the thoughts of this is making us broody!
  5. Look as serious as their dad’s watching the footy when they are concentrating on something. This mainly occurs when they are pooping or playing with toys.
  6. Coo when they want your attention.
  7. Clutch your shirt while they nurse or squeeze your finger when you feed them a bottle.
  8. Push out their bottom lip just before they let out a big roar.
  9. Furiously kick their legs in the bath like they are the world’s number one swimmer.
  10. Follow mammy’s every move while they sit in their bouncer or high chair, they won’t let you out of their sight!
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Originally posted 2016-03-09 16:54:05.