8 ways to get a better sleep when you’re pregnant

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Here’s how to get better sleep while you’re pregnant. Those z’s are incredibly important right now!

Avoid day-time naps

Daytime sleepiness, particularly in the first trimester, encourages almost every pregnant woman to nap. But naps make it more difficult to sleep at night because they take away some of the sleep pressure that builds up over the day. It’s like snacking, eating even a small amount of food before a meal can take away your appetite. Just go to bed earlier! There’s never been a better excuse to be in bed by 9pm.

No stress

It’s very hard to sleep if you are stressed out about certain things. This could be the normal day-to-day stresses, relationship woes or more commonly for pregnant women worrying about their impending birth and it’s when your head finally hits the pillow that your worries creep up on you. But remember a problem shared is a problem halved. If you’ve got a partner beside you off-load your thoughts, if not, share your worries with friends and family. Take a bath, read a book put some lavender drops on your pillow. Do whatever it takes to unwind before getting into bed.

Buy lots of pillows

No matter how you lie, you’ll need lots of support to get comfortable by the third trimester. Start with a full-length body pillow, then add smaller pillows for extra support. Some women like pillows under their heads and under their arms; others also like them stuffed between baby belly and bed, wedged between knees, and snuggled into the small of their backs.

Don’t sweat the dreams

A study recently revealed that 59 per cent of pregnant women have terrible dreams that their baby is in some kind of danger. The dreams are normal, apparently part of a woman’s instinct to protect her child.

No fluids after 6pm

This is the worst culprit. By time the third trimester comes you’ll want to cry everytime you see a toilet, but getting up in the middle of the night umpteen times is a form a torture. This problem that can only be solved by reducing the amount of fluids you drink, just mind that you keep properly hydrated.

Keep a regular sleep routine

Yes, even on weekends. Your body uses light to regulate its sleep/wake cycle. If it gets confused, you could be tossing and turning for hours. Plus, this will get you ready for when baby arrives.

No more spicy food

Or anything else that might cause you to get heartburn.


Some form of exercise is highly recommended throughout pregnancy. Whether it’s a walk, swimming, or pregnancy yoga exercise benefits pregnancy in so many ways including maximising your sleep.

What’s your sure way of falling asleep? Let us know your top tip in the comments!

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Originally posted 2018-10-14 10:21:12.