Do all parents fight over the same things ?

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10 parent battles we have with our partners

We love our other halves to bits, but when it comes to who does what in difficult situations, we’ll put up a fight! From the awkward glance toward your partner as you begin to battle it out over who deals with the two-year-old’s strop in the supermarket with dirty looks, here are 10 of the most debated ‘Who does what’ battles between parents of young kids.

1. Who has to get up in the middle of the night when baby is crying, or sleep on the couch when the little ones creep into your bed. Sometimes we think our other half is either deaf or just pretending they can’t hear!

2. Who takes the crying toddler out of the restaurant mid meal, and who stays and enjoys their dinner.

3. Who puts together toys on birthdays and Christmas that are wrapped in a plastic as protective as Fort Knox. We definitely did it last time….

4. Who has to give the kids who hate bathing a bath while they scream as if being tortured.

5. Who gets the super fun job of telling the kids it’s ‘time to leave’ when at a party or the park. No, anything but this one please!

6. Who sits beside the toddler in their ‘Terrible Twos’ on the plane.

7. Which parent deals with the mega tantrum thrown in the middle of a shop over a toy as everyone kindly stops to stare!

8. Who gets nominated to give the kids their medicines when they are sick and squirming out of your arms while screaming, and strongly at that!

9. Who is on bedtime duty when the little ones are overtired.

10. Who is on early Saturday morning duty and who gets to stay curled up in the duvet.

The list could go on!

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Originally posted 2018-08-18 10:28:55.