Are you having a boy or a girl? (Old school style)

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We’ve put together some of the myths that can recognise if you’re carrying a boy or a girl, old school style.

Believe at your own risk!

Crusts of bread

If you eat the crusts of bread then it’s a boy. If you prefer to eat the centre of a loaf you are expecting a girl.

Trust your nose

If your nose appears to be getting wider or bigger, it’s a boy!

Baby sapping your energy (and looks)?

This one’s very old school – if you feel your beauty disappears during pregnancy, expect a little girl. It is said that a girl receives her mother’s beauty throughout her pregnancy. If you think that pregnancy has done you a favour and feel you’ve never looked better, you might just be having a boy.

Skin trouble

If you have acne or breakouts while pregnant count on a girl. It’s thought that the extra hormones you produce when having a girl results in acne.

Scissors, wooden spoon, and a pink bow lead to…

Supposedly, if you out a pair of scissors and a wooden spoon beneath your bed and a place pink bow under your pillow while you sleep, you are more likely to conceive a little girl. Who needs to spend thousands on sex selection when we can do this?!

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Carrying high

If you are carrying a high, big, and round belly you are having a girl. If you are carrying a low, smaller belly that tends to stick straight out, it’s most likely a boy.

Check on Daddy’s weight

If Daddy’s weight remains the same throughout pregnancy, which means no losses or gains, you are expecting a boy.

Morning sickness?

If you suffered from morning sickness or felt really nauseous during your pregnancy, expect a baby girl. If you had a smooth pregnancy with little or no morning sickness, count on a boy.

Nipple changes

If you notice your areolae (the part around your nipples) have darkened in colour, it’s a boy. If they are staying the same colour, it’s a girl.

Cravings for protein?

If you notice cravings for proteins such as meat and cheese then it means that a baby boy is in the oven!

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