Mum of the Year 2018

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Mum of the Year 2018 –

Wendy Dunne

Nominated by: Laquitta Dunne

Although Wendy Dunne is Laquitta’s stepmum, having known her her entire life, she really is like a second mum to Laquitta treating her like her fiver other children; Paris, 12, Ava, 6, Angel, who would have been 4, Darcie, 3, and Nathan, who is nearly 2 years old. In 2014, while pregnant with Angel, Wendy unfortunately suffered a miscarriage. Despite this indescribable loss, Wendy continued to be an amazing mum. Darcie and Nathan were subsequently born, with Darcie by emergency section. Nathan was unfortunately born seven weeks premature and Wendy underwent traumatic surgery, and when he was born, they were told that he was unlikely to survive. He spent another six weeks in hospital where it was touch and go, but luckily, Nathan finally made it home.


Throughout this time, Wendy had to balance being there for Nathan as well as looking after Laquitta and the four other children, a task which she managed to balance flawlessly. At no stage did she let this balancing act interfere with her parenting and she managed to stay strong for everyone. Unfortunately, Nathan suffered from jaundice and was diagnosed with a blood cell condition known as hereditary spherocytosis. As a result of the condition, Nathan needed a blood transfusion, and of course without hesitation, Wendy was the first to volunteer to donate. Nathan has had some developmental problems with his speech and physical ability and Wendy goes out of her way to ensure he catches up,finding different ways to help him walk and even going to the effort to learn sign language to help him communicate.