Our top ten Autumnal baby names

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to give birth to your baby (because you have such choice in the matter!). The leaves are purple, gold, brown and red and everyone starts to get cosy for the oncoming winter. It signifies new life, new beginnings and what better namesake for your child than one that symbolizes a new era? Here are some of our favourite Autumnal baby names. See if you can spot any which would do well for both our boys and girls!

For the little women

Autumn – An obvious choice for the season but we feel like this is an underrated name for our little girls. 

Orla – Also spelled ‘Orlaith’ this Irish name is ever popular and there’s no sign of it falling out of favour yet! Meaning ‘golden princess’ it’s a gorgeous name for your daughter.

Hazel – Often depicting those fae eyes of a brown and green mixture, Hazel is a great name for your Autumn baby.

Aurelia – Stemming from Roman times this beautiful name means ‘dawn’.

Amber – Referring to the orange, gold fossilized gemstone, Amber also ignites images of crackling fires and roasting chestnuts.

Rhea – Meaning a ‘flowing stream’ this name is ideal for any elemental lovers out there.

Laurel – This lovely alternate take on ‘Laura’ derives from the Laurel tree – perfect for those green fingered types.

Maisie – This cute as a button name means ‘corn’ which is perfect for this time of harvest.

Aster – Coming from the Greek and meaning ‘star’ it’s no wonder why this beautiful name is becoming more popular. 

Sorrel – Coming from the Germanic tradition, this name means ‘chestnut’. Perfect for your growing girl!

For the little men

Radley – This name meaning ‘red meadow’ is perfect for your little boy – especially if there are ginger genes in the mix!

Adam – Stemming from the Biblical, the name Adam means ‘made of the earth’ which is a perfect name for the Autumn months.

Cedar – During the Autumn the leaves on this tree turn a wonderful golden yellow colour.

Ruadhan – A traditional Irish name (and spelling) Ruadhan means ‘red haired’. Perfect for those with auburn colouring.

Sage – This herb is used for cleansing rituals and is known for its sweet smelling properties.

Rowan – The rowan tree is tall and strong; a perfect namesake for your growing boy!

Griffin – Stemming from the mythical creature with the head of a lion and the torso of an eagle, the griffin is a symbol of ‘bravery and fierceness’.

Asher – This Hebrew name means happy – what better name for your bouncing baby?

Cormac – This very Irish name means ‘son of the raven’ and was also the name of one of the ancient kings of Ireland.

Lennox – This name meaning ‘a grove of elm trees’ is perfect for your Autumn baby.

Which one of these names is your favourite? And can you spot any that looks gender neutral for those who don’t know their babies sex yet?

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