5 signs your baby is growing up

No one knows how quickly the time passes better than parents. One minute you’re holding your newborn for the first time, the next they’re off for their first day of school, and the next…well. You get the picture! It can bring tears to parents’ eyes to see their child gaining independence, growing up, and flourishing in their new environment. But parents will always see the precious, little baby they once were (and maybe even want to go back to those first few months…)! Read on to see if your baby shows signs of growing up…


Technology surpasses you

Remember the days when your baby came running to ask you how to work every piece of technology or toy they came across? Remember showing them how to load their first computer game or plug in a DVD? Well, the tables have well and truly turned, because now it’s YOU that’ll be asking them for help with your phone, tablet or computer in the coming years. But don’t let go of your self-respect just yet – you’re part of the last generation to remember life without the internet after all! (One for the history books!)

When they bring over friend’s and all you can do is

No more children’s menu

Nothing surprises a parent more than when their child opts out of chicken nuggets and chips for the first time in a restaurant. And the first time they wolf down the side salad… literal fireworks go off. Everyone stay cool.

Rise and shine… not anymore

You know your child is growing up when you’re the one giving them the wake-up call instead of the other way around! Success! Enjoy the blissful lie ons of a Saturday – you’ve earned it! But be prepared for some rushed mornings when school starts back!

Mum, meet my new friend

Too soon comes the day when your little one is traipsing off to ‘So-and-so’s’ house for the afternoon, having made friends that day at school. And now you’re in the position of having to make friends with ‘So-and-so’s’ mum. Remember when you dragged your child to your mum-friends’ houses to make friends with their children. This is karma.

Where’s ‘Mummy’ gone?

Mummy has gone away somewhere and she’s not coming back. Make way for the curt ‘mum’, or ‘mam’, or even ‘ma’, because your baby isn’t a baby anymore and things that end in ‘eee’ are for babies. Try to hold back the tears when your baby addresses you as such, and try not to show your shock if they bypass the above and go straight for the jugular; your given name!

Growing up is a part of life, and as much as we’d like to stop time from passing, we know that our babies are going to achieve great things.

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