Games to play with your baby

Who says that children are only fun when they can talk, walk and interact? Here are nine games that you can play with your baby that will help development as well as your bonding journey.

Get dancing!

You may have noticed that your baby is soothed when you walk around with her in your arms. Try turning the walk into a gentle waltz-style dance, complete with slow twirls and turns. Your baby will love the movement and the fun of the activity. Just make sure to keep your baby’s back and head well supported throughout, and avoid any jerking or shaking movements. Your baby will also enjoy watching you dance, especially exaggerated movements with your arms or body!

Rhymes and stories

Even though your baby might seem too young for stories, nursery rhymes and brightly coloured pictures will engage them from a very early age. Go for baby books in bright primary colours, and point out the objects in the pictures. Soft cloth books are great for baby to grab and to play with by herself.

Show and tell

Your baby will find all sorts of objects fascinating, from an empty plastic bottle to a kitchen utensil. Introduce your baby to different objects and let her touch and feel them. Just make sure the object is non-harmful for your baby.

Sing like you’re winning

You are your baby’s world right now and everything you do is fascinating and amazing. Even if you haven’t a note in your head, try singing to your baby. Children’s favourites like Old Macdonald and How Much Is That Doggy in the Window are always good, as are songs with actions, like Twinkle Twinkle or Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.

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Tickle time

Your baby loves your touch, and gently tickling her tummy will get a great reaction, especially as she gets older. Kisses and tickles are the quickest route to those beautiful first smiles.

Kiddie games

Games like Itsy Bitsy Spider and This Little Piggy appeal to baby’s sense of hearing and touch. If you need reminding of the words and actions, do a search on the internet.

Bathtime fun

Your baby’s bathtime is a great opportunity for play. Try showing her simple toys like a rubber duck or simply splashing the water gently on her tummy. Take a facecloth full of water and gently squeezing it up and down her arms and chest. Follow with a massage or a game like This Little Piggy, and plenty of tickles and kisses.

Get creative!

Remember the senses when introducing your baby to new things. For instance, blowing bubbles can be the source of endless fascination for babies, as can examining something as simple as ribbon or a soft fabric. A soft squashy ball or object can provide lots of fun, especially if you show your baby everything that can be done with it – try juggling, rolling or bouncing the ball, as well as letting to touch and squeeze it.


Never underestimate the enjoyment that a baby gets out of this age-old game. Hide behind a towel and peep out. Make different faces as you pop your head out. Pretend it’s baby who’s disappeared: “Where’s baby? There’s baby!” Hours of fun!

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