6 Outdoor Games From Your Childhood

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Revisit your carefree childhood with your own children with one of these games, we bet you’ve forgotten all about!

British Bulldog

One or two players start as the “bulldogs”, and stand in the middle of the play area, while the other players stand at one end of the area. The aim is to run from one end to the other without being caught by the bulldogs. When a player is caught, they become a bulldog themselves. The winner is the last player “free”.

Stuck in the Mud

Also known as Freeze Tag or Zombie Tag, players who are tagged are “stuck in the mud” or “frozen” and must stand in place with their arms stretched out until they are unfrozen. An unstuck player has to unfreeze them either by tagging them or crawling between their legs.

Duck, Duck Goose

A good one for young children, the players sit in a circle, and one player, the “fox”, walks around tapping each player in turn, calling each of them a “duck”, until finally announcing one to be the “goose”. The goose then rises and runs around the circle in the same direction as the picker, attempting to tag that player before they can sit back down in the empty place.

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Red Rover

The players (as many as possible) are divided into two lines and stand on opposite sides of the play area. Each team holds hands. The game starts when the first team, calls a player out, by singing “red rover, red rover, send [player’s name on opposite team] right over”. The person called must run to the other line and break the team’s linked hands. If the player successfully breaks the link, he/she can choose one of the players whose link was broken to join their team. If they don’t succeed, they have to join the other team. Then it’s the turn of the other team, and the game continues until one team wins all the players.

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A derivative of the traditional hide and seek game, Sardines is when only one person hides and the others must find them. When someone finds the hidden person, they must hide with them, and the hiding places become progressively more cramped, as more people must hide there.


The hopscotch course consists of 10 numbered boxes in alternate single and double rows.The first player throws a stone or a bean bag into the first square and must then hop through the course, missing the square with the marker, turn around and hop home, collecting the marker on the way. If the player manages to do this, he/she can continue with the second square and so on. If the player misses the square with the marker, or doesn’t manage to hop through the course without falling over, he/she misses her turn and the second player gets a go. The first player to complete every numbered square wins the game.

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