7 reasons why we’re grateful for our grandparents

If you’re lucky enough for your kids to have a relationship with their grandparents then you’ll know exactly what we mean when we say that having them around is one of the best things about parenthood. Children adore spending time with their granny and grandad, and parents can benefit from the years of advice and experience that their parents acquired while raising them!

Here’s a few reasons why we’re grateful they’re around.

The support they give

Having grandparents close by means parents get the support they need and the affirmation that maybe, just maybe they’re raising their children well. With years of advice and experience to hand, grandparents are one of the best sounding boards for all your parenting woes.

They share in the bragging

No need to humble-brag about your kids when you’re around your parents or in-laws. They share the same admiration and awe of your children’s achievements as you do!

They help with perspective

Grandparents have the knack to help mums and dads see the side where their kids are coming from. Sometimes when parents are stressed and a bit frazzled it can be difficult to see all the good in our children. Grandparents who can afford to be relaxed about how children are developing can help with that!

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Nothing is new for grandparents

They’ve been through it all, from babies to children and teenagers to adults. They’ve seen their kids get jobs, go to college and have babies of their own so nothing you say about your kids can surprise them! They may even remind you of a time that you acted a bit similar!

They don’t have the same worries that parents do

Grannies and grandads are past the age of climbing the career ladder and paying the mortgage on their first house so their priorities are different. They can cut through the trivial worries of everyday life and offer a broader perspective on life that comes with age.

They have all the fun

Because grandparents don’t have to worry (too much) about how their grandkids will turn out, they get to have all the fun with children. They go on outings instead of errands and can enjoy being with the children without (too much) discipline needed.

They give all the love

The best gift anyone can give a new parent is to love their kids, and grandparents will wholeheartedly jump in on this one! The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is so special and one to nourish and cherish throughout life.