6 tricks for getting your kids to sleep from other parents

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Buzzfeed reader’s have shared their top tips for getting your kids to sleep and there are some really great gems in there, we had to share!

1. Create a bedtime check list.

“We worked together as a family to create a check list of things to do before going to bed. We included our son’s go-to stalls like getting a drink of water and saying goodnight to pets. Once everything is checked off, he knows it’s time to go to sleep.”

– Submitted by OJ

2. Let them read in bed

“A friend with older kids told me she lets them stay up as late as they want but only if they are reading in bed. My daughter can’t even read yet but this already works!”

– Submitted by Julie Fray

3. Give them a colouring book

“Every night at bedtime we give our 4-year-old a blank notebook, some stickers, and a crayon. This allows her to quietly remain in bed, unwind, and do something she enjoys until she falls asleep. It works 90% of the time, plus we wake up to fun doodles!”

– Submitted by Milena S

4. Use an incentive

“My daughter gets one book and one stuffed animal with her when she lays down each night. If she gets up, she will get the book taken away. If she gets up again, she loses her stuffed animal. She loves those two things so much she won’t even risk getting out of bed.”

– Submitted by Chris P.


5. Bring in the lavender

“When my daughter has trouble calming down for bed, we put lavender essential oil on her feet, cuddle, and read a book. She’s always out before the book is finished.”

– Submitted by Sarah McHenry

6. Try a sound machine

“Since the day my son was born, we’ve used a white noise machine, and it works wonders to calm him down. He falls asleep wherever we are.”

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Originally posted 2015-09-29 13:51:36.