New app allows parents to control their child’s online activity

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New app allows parents to control child’s online activity

A new app on the market, Shieldbully, is aiming to reduce online bullying and allow parents to monitor their children’s online activities.

The app itself consists of two synchronising apps; one app for parents, which they can download onto their own device (iphone or android), and a separate app for children, which is loaded onto their android and allows parents to see and set restrictions on their child’s online activity.

Mutual agreement between parent and child is needed to initially install the app, but once installed the app allows parents to set usage time limits, block unsuitable websites and receive a weekly summary of their child’s online activities.

The app offers these services for free, but a separate version of the app priced at €3.99 a month goes further, allowing parents to avail of locking their children’s devices at certain desired times, such as schooltime, from the their own mobile device and also allows for parents to disable and restrict app downloads that are related to gambling, shopping or dating.

Safe Net Technologies CEO and develop of the app, Peter Kirwan, said:

“Children are being educated by the internet today and this comes with positives and negatives. Shieldbully app is designed to protect children from the negative aspects of online communication, which include overuse of mobile devices, cyberbullying, grooming and addiction to gambling and pornography.”

You can download the app here.

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