10 scary moments every new parent experiences

Being a new parent is terrifying. Suddenly this tiny little pink thing is relying on you for everything and you are terrified to make a mistake. But before long, you’ll get the hang of it, and you’ll wonder what exactly you did with all your time before you had a baby – but guess what? You’d never want to go back. That time might seem very far away now though – here are ten heart-stopping moments every first-time parent experiences:

1). When you first bring your baby home from the hospital in the car and you quite literally drive 10 miles an hour the whole journey. You can never be too careful.

2). Carrying your new baby through the door for the first time. I have never been so afraid of dropping anything before in my life.

3). When suddenly, everyone else leaves, and you and your partner are left completely alone with your baby, for the first time.

4). When your baby goes mysteriously quiet. Too quiet. Nothing makes you panic quite as much, you would actually prefer a screaming baby because you at least know they are being responsive.

5). Watching your young nieces and nephews wanting to take turns holding your precious little thing. Please. Do. Not. Drop. Her.

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6). The first time your little angel throws up on you. You have just been thrown up on, but that isn’t the scary bit. The scary bit is that you just don’t care – you just want your little one to be okay.

7). Walking through a door with your newest addition and accidentally bumping their head gently off the frame. The guilt is like nothing you have ever experienced before, but they probably didn’t even notice.

8). Getting peed on mid nappy change. The first time is definitely an experience.

9). Finally taking your baby out in public and someone sneezes right next to them. You have never noticed how disgusting and dirty the world can be until you’re desperately trying to protect your baby from it.

10). And the scariest moment of all… When you look down and realise that your little tot isn’t so little any more and they are growing up so  fast. Enjoy these days…

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