Tips for travelling with babies and young children

Travelling with babies and young children can carry somewhat of a stigma and a fear… however, it doesn’t need to be this way. Whether you’re travelling a long or a short distance, travelling with children can be relaxing and even a little bit fun. Yes, really! Try these tips to minimise any upset and relax any nerves.

Travel in the morning, if at all possible. Most babies get more restless towards the end of the day and are in bright spirits in the morning. So bring on 6am!

Bring a sling, if that’s your thing. The world is fascinating for a baby so switching off can be hard. It helps not to see so much (the sling covers most of their heads) and to feel the comfort of mom or dad’s body. It has the added benefit of keeping your hands mostly free.

Don’t question it – just bring the pram. It is a fantastic invention, allows you to wheel your sleeping tot through all the different stages of travelling and also allows for fantastic storage space, which we all need when we travel.

Pack smart. Think twice about what you really need to pack to make your and your baby’s life easy. Pram? Yes. Carseat? Definitely. Toys? Maybe not. A small baby needs to eat, sleep and wear clean diapers and clothes – and that’s about it.

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Provide entertainment. If you’re travelling with an older child make sure you had adequate entertainment planned out for them. Colouring books, crayons, toys (the quiet variety) and healthy treats and snacks should keep your children entertained and quiet throughout your journey.

Create white noise, where possible. This one sounds odd but babies LOVE white noise, it sends them straight to sleep. And the sound of radio static is a lot easier on the ears than a screaming baby in the back of your car.

Adapt your routine to the travelling, but keep it as close to the usual routine as possible. This causes the least amount of disruption to your baby as possible, and keeps them happy. So try and feed them when you would normally feed them, and let them nap when they would normally nap.

Safe travelling.

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