Bad Behaviour

Reasons for Bad Behaviour

Parenting is definitely not easy, especially when bad behaviour is involved. There is no guide or rule book, parents must go with their instinct, learning from trial and error. When your baby becomes a toddler, your sweet, smiling baby becomes independent and wants to do what they want, when they want.

Temper tantrums, running off, breaking rules, not sharing and shouting back is all part of a toddler’s development. A continuous fascination with digging up mud in the back garden can be extremely frustrating for a parent but it is just pure curiosity for a toddler. Bad behaviour in toddlers usually always has an explanation. Curiosity in a toddler can be seen as bad behaviour. For example throwing toys all over the floor after tidy time translates to, “what will happen if I do this?”

It’s important for parents to choose their battles. Prioritise safety issues, staying beside mum or dad at all times, staying away from the cooker, and climbing. Parents need to have control in all situations and let children make the little choices.

Toddlers usually act out because they don’t know how to communicate how they are feeling. Being cranky and acting out through bad behaviour is usually the way they communicate because they don’t know how to explain feeling tired, being hungry, or not wanting Daddy to go to work. Tantrums are also caused by frustration; a toddler can become really frustrated at not being able to do something or not having as much independence as they’d like.

At three, toddlers are aware of and sensitive to the feelings of others. They enjoy other children’s company and begin to develop friendships. At three, your child is more than capable of taking turns and sharing toys, your child will also begin to identify with their sex and play related games. A three year old has a greater sense of time and knows their daily routine. A lot of a three year old play time is spent in fantasy or with imaginary friends, this creative play is very beneficial to your toddler as they create different activities, emotions and behaviours.

When toddlers start in pre-school most behaviour issues work themselves out as their structured routine and learning from other toddlers behaviour works wonders.

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