10 genius cooking hacks

Some people loath cooking others love to cook but the bottom line is, like it or love it, feeding our family has got to be done, in most cases up five times a day! Tiring? We know!

We’ve found these 10 genius cooking hacks that will make life that little bit easier in the kitchen.

1) Rest a wooden spoon across a pan of boiling water to stop it from boiling over.

2) Keep your cookbook open, clean and out of the way using a hanger.

3) Store left over pasta in an air-locked freezer bag. When ready to eat, heat in a bowl of water in microwave that way it will taste just as it did when freshly cooked.

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4) Wet your fingers before removing egg shells.

5) It can get messy, but a sandwich maker can be used to make an omelet.

6) Revive your leftover pizza by frying it upside-down in a pan.

7) Dental floss is amazing for cutting soft foods

8) Blow into a bag of salad leaves and seal it tightly. The CO2 will keep it from becoming soggy.

9) Ziplock bags will keep ice-cream soft.

10) A pair of sturdy tongs will help you get all the juice out of a lemon.

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