Two thirds of men find their partners sexier after having their baby

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Two thirds of men find their partners sexier after having their baby

One fear most mums-to-be have is how much their body will change during and after pregnancy. ‘Will my body ever be the same?’, ‘how bad will my stretch marks be?’, or ‘will my partner still find me attractive?’

These are all natural worries to have and we were delighted when we read the results of a recent survey which found 66 per cent of dads say they found their partner’s figure more attractive after they’ve given birth.

The study carried out by Channel Mum, also found that 14 per cent of new mothers were body confident after giving birth and 40 per cent of women worried their partner would no longer find them attractive.

But, more than half of new parents found that having a baby improved the quality of their love lives and deepened the connection they have with their partners with almost 30 per cent of parents admitting to having more sex than ever before.

Founder of Channel Mum, Siobhan Freegard, commented that it was encouraging to see that having a baby succeeds in strengthening many relationships: “Having a baby is the biggest change you can bring into your relationship, so it’s wonderful to see it can bring couples closer together.”

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