What does this common pregnancy dream really mean?

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During pregnancy, our daily life is turned on its head as we prepare to bring a baby into the world. Any dramatic change, even a good one, can come with an influx of issues that our minds need to sort and resolve during our sleeping hours. If you add in a heaping dose of hormones into this mixture the result can be a pretty interesting dream or two. If your pregnancy dreams are making you question what’s going on inside your head, keep reading! You might be more “normal” than you think!

A Cheating Partner

One of the most common pregnancy dreams revolves around infidelity. While your partner lies beside you, sleeping soundly (P.S. how dare he?) you’re having visions of him romancing everyone from Cheryl Cole to Kate Upton and even worse, his ex!

The common assumption is that these dreams are a woman’s intuition picking up on adulterous behaviour that her conscious mind isn’t realising during the day.

This is totally incorrect.

More often that not, these dreams are tapping into a pregnant mother’s insecurities, mostly regarding her changing appearance as she begins to question her own attractiveness. This, coupled with the influx of hormones throughout pregnancy, can result in detailed and distressing dreams. Some women have been known to experience this dream weekly or even nightly. If this one has woken you lately, try to resist the urge to hold it against your partner the following day. Remember: he hasn’t ACTUALLY done anything wrong!

Dr Nicola Davies explains what different dreams mean at different stages of pregnancy! Read here!

The Gender of Your Baby

Other frequent pregnancy dreams usually involve the care and well being of the baby. But even love and excitement to meet your little one can manifest itself in unpredictable ways once a hormone surge strikes. These include dreaming about your baby’s gender, which, some feel will give them an indication of whether they’re having a bouncing boy or baby girl. Sorry ladies, it’s no hint as to whether you’ll be having a boy or girl. This dream may just be your preferences showing through.

Giving Birth

It’s completely normal to have reservations about the actual act of giving birth. These fears (and those hormones again) play on the unconscious mind and as a result, a lot of women experience terrifying dreams about going into labour. Some have visions of giving birth in strange places, of being in excruciating pain or giving birth to hundreds of babies instead of just the one. Many women are even known to have visions of giving birth to an animal in the place of an actual baby. Yet, this dream isn’t as strange as it initially appears. For many first time mothers, owning a pet is the closest they’ve ever come to caring for another living being. Therefore, many dream experts theorise that having an animal or pet in the place of a baby is simply a “practicing dream”, preparing you mentally for when the real thing comes along.

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