What to expect from a home birth

home births

  Home births are continuously increasing in popularity. Celebrities like Thandie Newton decided on a home birth for her three children and said “I just associated hospital with being ill. And I felt beautiful and healthy and wonderful when I was pregnant, and being at home was the place I felt most relaxed, and comfortable.”…

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9 ways to deal with separation anxiety

kids going back to school

You’ve probably put a lot of thought and effort into helping your child adjust to school for the first time. And maybe you’ve been looking forward to your new freedom. But if you’re like most parents, you’ve found yourself wiping away a tear or two as well. To make those goodbyes at the school gate…

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At what age can babies understand speech?

baby, protecting baby in sun

Since babies don’t begin talking until they’re at least 12 months old, it’s safe to assume that they can’t understand speech until that time. Right? Wrong. This study has shown that babies understand what you’re saying a lot sooner than we realised… When? Babies begin to distinguish words when they’re seven months old. And from that…

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10 weird facts about breastfeeding


Ten weird and wonderful facts you might not have known about breastfeeding, to encourage all you yummy mummies to keep up the good work. Calorie burner Who needs the gym? The amount of metabolic energy it takes to breastfeed a hungry baby every day uses the same amount of energy it would take to walk seven…

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The seven B’s of attachment parenting

attachment parenting/maternityandinfant

Attachment parenting does exactly what the title suggests: promoting the bond between mother and baby through prolonged contact. This can be through co-sleeping, baby carriers, skin to skin contact and breastfeeding. It’s completely up to parents what way they ‘parent’ their baby. What’s important is that you do what’s best for you and your baby. These are…

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3 great apps for pregnancy, newborn and baby

It’s difficult for us here at m&i to remember our lives without apps and smartphones. More difficult to image our children’s future when the technology is with them from the very beginning…and from beginning we mean pregnancy, to infancy to babyhood and beyond! Check out these fab apps to help you below! The Smart Baby…

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