Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

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The notion of exercising while pregnant has at times been stained with a bad reputation. It’s one of those controversial topics where everyone, pregnant or not, has an opinion. Some feel that exercise can put your body under unnecessary stress while carrying a child. Others support the opinion that exercise only further improves the health of an…

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10 things to help your baby sleep

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One of the most import lessons you’ll learn as a parent is every baby is different. While your first child always slumbered like sleeping beauty, the next can be a dedicated night owl. If you’ve exhausted all of your ideas (or you’re just plain exhausted), try these 10 things to help your baby sleep. Set a…

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How to Fight Car Sickness

Whether you’re going on a four-hour car ride or simply down the street for milk, motion sickness can strike your child at any time. Here are some easy ways to treat motion sickness even before it starts. 1. Feed your child before you leave Making sure they have food in their stomachs will calm any…

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Packing Pro Tip: Baby Edition

The Do It Yourself Facebook page recently posted a video that changes the way we think about packing. By rolling all of your baby’s clothing together in a little tube like contraption you’ll never have to tear through your bag looking for the missing sock again! Everything you would need for an outfit is all…

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How To Set Your Baby Up For Success

Every parent wants their child to be successful. A recent study shows that life long success for a child is linked to a certain parenting approach. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University and Duke University have spent the past twenty some odd years following and analysing children (now young adults) from when they were enrolled in…

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10 Ways to Stimulate Your Baby

The first few years of a child’s life are the most important! Its where they learned to talk, walk, read and pee in a toilet. Children are always taking in their surroundings and learning. If you want your baby to make the most out their formative years, here are a few simple ways to stimulate…

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