Good enough to eat: what to do with your placenta

eating your placenta maternity and infant family

Don’t freak out! Eating your placenta is an actual option for new mothers. It’s called placentophagy, and we humans are the only mammals who don’t routinely eat our placenta. With many celebrities trumpeting the health effects of eating the placenta, we can’t help but have just a few questions. What are the effects of eating the placenta?…

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How To Deal With The Baby Blues

how to deal with the baby blues maternity and infant family

It happens to lots of us – just days after giving birth, during what supposedly is the happiest and most exciting time of your life, you feel moody, down and irritable – and you just can’t stop crying… Why? The baby blues trigger For me, it coincided with “love songs night” on The X Factor one…

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12 ways to get your kids back outside!

On average kids spend around six hours a day looking at screens. Preach. And we know, same as you how, hard it can be to muster the energy to get our kids off the iPad and out the front door. Even harder for parents after a day of school runs, homework and laundry (when will the…

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8 ways to make your child more independent

We all know the feeling, when the clock seems to speed up just as your child chooses to slow down. From getting out of bed, to getting dressed, to eating their breakfast, it all seems to be taking double the amount of time it usually takes. Sometimes it’s easier to just shove porridge into their…

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Baby food – home made or ready made?

If your small baby is starting to grumble after feeding, or imitating your mouth when you’re surreptitiously downing some porridge before your morning walk, then they might be getting ready for some solid food. The Food Safety Authority says to wean babies as close to six months as possible, and no sooner than 16 weeks.…

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How to make a sensory room at home

Sensory rooms can be hugely beneficial to your child’s development, but many families may think that they don’t have the budget or space to create one in their own homes. However, if space is tight in your home don’t worry because a corner in their play room or bedroom fitted with some clever furnishings will…

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