Two glasses of red wine before bed will make you skinnier

We’ve always been told that red wine is good for us but we never cared enough to ask why, we simply asked for another glass of Merlot. According to two recent studies from Washington State University and Harvard Medical School, wine might just be the secret weapon to losing weight. Here is why — there’s a polyphenol called resveratrol…

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Yummiest summer purées for baby

Spring is in the air, and with a new season comes new recipes – even for baby! Brighten your day and baby’s plate with these healthy, colourful, and easy to make purées. Broccoli and Pear Purée What you need: 1 large organic Bartlett pear, washed, peeled, cored and chopped 1/4 head of organic broccoli, washed…

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Calpol’s Let Kids Be Kids

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Despite all the nostalgia about the freedom (and hot summers) we had as kids in the so-called innocent Seventies and Eighties, recent research as part of Calpol’s Let Kids Be Kids survey revealed that the majority of today’s parents believed that their children’s childhood was better than their’s. The research revealed that two in three…

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10 insanely cute things all babies do

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Okay, so babies are ridiculously cute nearly all of the time, with the exception of the crying factor, no-one makes an adult go all gooey inside like a baby. But there are some adorably cute moments that are just kept for mum. These moments are super special and should be cherished because babies grow way…

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5 foods breastfeeding mums should avoid

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Breastfeeding really is the best start in life. For some mums, their baby takes to the breast like a duck to water and for others, the road can be a long and sometimes hard struggle but don’t worry, like millions of mums before you, you’ll get there! As long as you have a healthy balanced…

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How to sneak a few extra steps into your day

Fitbits are all the craze right now and hitting that 10,000 steps per day will have some people making laps around their room before bed. By changing up your daily routine a little you can avoid the pacing around before bed and get to those z’s quicker. Add these few tricks to your daily routine:…

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10 books all children should read

10 books, world book day, reading, activities, children, toddlers, babies

There are some books that never get old. You read them as a child and now find joy in reading them to your child. Some children don’t take to reading as easily as others but with a little encouragement from loved ones and a great book to cozy up with your child will be loving…

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