When will my child start talking?

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Out of all developmental timelines, speech can cause parents the most stress. Here’s a loose guide to what to expect as your child gets older. Everyone knows one mother who is convinced her child is a genius and generally that genius will be expressed in terms of speech. “Baby Einstein was speaking in full sentences by his first birthday!” Statements like this…

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What to expect when you are expecting another

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Once you’ve been baptised into the world of motherhood, you think nothing can ever be as terrifying again. This is partly true, except for when you decide to add to your brood! A tiny baby and a demanding toddler is what we would call a parenting baptism of fire. Here’s what to expect when you…

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Swap going back to the office for working from home

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Swap going back to the office for working from home Getting back to work after having a baby is heart-breaking to say the least but unfortunately for most of us, it has to be done. Little has been done to improve the situation for working families with childcare prices increasing steadily year-on-year. Although the 2016…

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8 festive foods to be careful of during pregnancy

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8 festive foods to be careful of during pregnancy Eggnog Some eggnog contains brandy, so you should be careful to ask when it’s offered what the ingredients are. Soft cheeses It’s advised to avoid soft, unpasteurised cheeses during pregnancy, as they can carry a bacteria called listeria, which can harm unborn babies. Although listeria infections are…

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Blog we log: Jennie from Mummyvstheworld.com

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Supermarket sweep I’m JENNIE, and in my blog Mummyvstheworld.com (shortlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015) I take a light-hearted look at the world of motherhood. In this post I laugh about the stress of supermarket shopping with a toddler in tow… I used to view the weekly shop as a boring chore, but since…

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Paediatrician shows exactly how to calm a crying baby

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Paediatrician shows exactly how to calm a crying baby Has parenting just gotten easier?! Dr. Robert Hamilton, a paediatrician based in Santa Monica, California has come up with an amazing way to calm crying babies. In his YouTube video, the doctor, who has 30 years of experience with children, shows how exactly to hold a crying…

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