Getting the balance between nutritional meals that are also tasty and appealing to all the family is no easy task. Unless you’re armed with our resident nutrition expert ANNABEL KARMEL’s delicious recipes, that is! 

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Simple, delish barbecue recipes for the whole family!

What’s a proper Irish summer without a good old barbecue in the rain? Check out these fun, colourful recipes that will entice your children away from the same old cheeseburgers and hotdogs this summer! Note: When using wooden skewers, make sure to soak in water for at least 20 minutes before putting them on the […]

5 summer salads that the whole family will love!

With the arrival of fine weather (I’m sure it will come eventually!) comes the slightly lessened desire to cook those heavy casseroles and stewed dishes that comforted us through the long winter. With fresh fruit and vegetables coming into season, and the taste being so fresh and delicious there couldn’t be a better time to […]

Six ice treats for a warm summer day

It’s getting hot out there, and we’re pretty sure the ice cream shops are doing a roaring trade right now! We have six easy recipes for delicious homemade ice cream, ice-pop and frozen yoghurt so you can skip the queues and cool down and keep the whole family happy. Enjoy! Chocolate chip ice cream Ingredients 2 cups heavy cream, 1 […]

Neven Maguire’s simple chicken curry

Everyone will love this  tasty, light and delicious curry devised by Neven Maguire for the First 1,000 Days Recipe Book, a collection of healthy and nutritional recipes perfect for before, during and after pregnancy – not to mention tasty enough to tempt everyone in the family! This curry will be a definite crowd pleaser if you’re entertaining and it’s super simple to […]

Simple smoothie recipes

Smoothies are a great way of making sure your children are getting most of their guideline daily amounts of fruit and veg. They’re fun to make and super-tasty. Little equipment is needed, just a blender and your chosen ingredients. Here is some smoothie inspo perfect for spring days. Berry blast Ingredients 2tbsp chia seeds 1 […]

Baby food – home made or ready made?

If your small baby is starting to grumble after feeding, or imitating your mouth when you’re surreptitiously downing some porridge before your morning walk, then they might be getting ready for some solid food. The Food Safety Authority says to wean babies as close to six months as possible, and no sooner than 16 weeks. […]

Mulled wine – and an alcohol-free version!

Nothing says Christmas quite like Mulled Wine; it’s the perfect welcome drink for guests at your festive party. Here is our favourite recipe for great Mulled Wine – and a fab alcohol-free version so you needn’t miss out if you’re expecting!   Mulled wine recipe 1 bottle red wine 60g/2oz demerara sugar 1 cinnamon stick […]

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