Getting the balance between nutritional meals that are also tasty and appealing to all the family is no easy task. Unless you’re armed with our resident nutrition expert ANNABEL KARMEL’s delicious recipes, that is! 

Latest Recipes Posts

Neven Maguire’s family-friendly Beef Stroganoff

Neven Maguire’s family-friendly beef stroganoff is sure to become a fan-favorite with the little ones. The creamy sauce with the succulent beef and mushrooms makes for a warm hearty dish, and a nice change from the curries and stews! Serve with some steamed broccoli or carrots for added nutrition and colour! We love this Beef […]

Recipe: Alcohol free mulled wine for mums-to-be

Nothing says Christmas quite like Mulled Wine; it’s the perfect welcome drink for guests at your festive party. Here is our favourite recipe for great Mulled Wine – and a fab alcohol-free version so you needn’t miss out if you’re expecting! Mulled wine recipe 1 bottle red wine 60g/2oz demerara sugar 1 cinnamon stick grated […]

Recipe: Jelly with natural flavours

Kid’s love jelly. And that’s almost an understatement. But too many sugary snacks can lead to diabetes in later life and some dental issues, so it’s best to steer clear from sugar-laden desserts, which is what makes this recipe so perfect for our families! Fun fact: Did you know it’s also a great snack for pregnant […]

5 ways your kids can help with pancakes this weekend!

Pancakes are an art form, and lots of families have their secret recipes for the perfect pancake. What better way to spend this weekend than to teach your children the sacred art of pancake making? This way, they learn how to make you breakfast in bed and they get to enjoy helping out in the kitchen. It’s […]

3 ways you can use your pumpkin in baking!

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with some pumpkin carving? It’s an activity that all kids adore – but here’s how you use what’s left of your pumpkin when your Jack O’Lanterns are lit up! Pumpkin puree Ingredients 1 pumpkin Pinch of cinnamon Method Pierce your pumpkin all over with a sharp knife or […]

RECIPE: Spooky Halloween ghosts!

When Halloween rolls around it’s a great time of year to stretch those baking legs and see what you and your kids can whip up. Children love to help mum and dad in the kitchen, and when it comes to making a treat look like something it’s not… well, is there a greater pleasure in […]

Holly Willoughby recommends vegan diet for weaning

Celebrities often tote baby and child-rearing advice. Every week there’s a new tidbit with a different celebrity recommending a different diet, discipline or parenting method for their children. But this one caught our eye this weekend. Morning!!!! Today’s look on @thismorning shirt by @veryuk skirt by @insidejigsaw and boots by @majeofficiel #hwstyle💁✨ A post shared […]

An Autumn menu (with hidden veggies) that your kids will love!

Let’s face it – no matter if they’re ethically sourced or organically grown, a lot of children don’t like the look of vegetables on their plate. If given the choice, we know they’re more likely to load up on breads and proteins than they are on one of their five a day. That’s just how […]

Fun picnic and small plate ideas with Organix

We’ve teamed up with super organic food company Organix to give you some simple, fun (and vitamin filled) recipes that will delight the kids this week. Why not try one of our ideas below and show us a picture of your plates in the comments! Organix thrives on making great tasting food for babies, toddlers […]

RECIPE: Super quick sugar free snacks for kids

Kids are always running around it seems, and all that running around keeps them snacking. While handing them a cereal bar is the easiest option when they need something high energy quick, they can often be chock-full of sugar. We’ve come up with some sugarless options for your kids for the times when they need […]

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