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Flawless five minute face

Flawless five minute face Only have  five minutes to get ready? Mission accepted. Try this four-step make-up routine to have you looking fabulously flawless in under  five minutes. 1. PRIMER/CONCEALER/ FOUNDATION: Max Factor 3in1 Foundation, €14.99, is a primer, concealer and foundation in one, giving you sebum control, coverage and highlight all in […]

12 beauty hacks every woman should know

12 beauty hacks every woman should know Make life easier with these beauty hacks that will change your make-up routine forever! 1. Rub Vaseline on pulse points in wrists and neck before spraying perfume to make it last longer. 2. No time to wait for tan, make-up or moisturiser to dry? Don’t! Give your face […]

7 hot weather beauty fixes

7 hot weather beauty fixes The weather is heating up, and while we’re not complaining about the sunshine, sometimes the heat can leave us feeling muggy, too warm and downright uncomfortable. Stuffy, humid weather abroad or at home can play havoc with your skin and hair as well as other things, so check out these quick […]

10 beauty product must-haves for mums on the go

10 beauty product must-haves for mums on the go Being a mum means time is usually of the essence! We don’t always have the leisurely time we’d like to spend on a beauty regime, so we have the 10 most simple and easy beauty products to make sure you’re topped up on to make life that […]

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