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Postpartum Hair Loss – What is it?

The first pieces of information every mum needs to know about postpartum hair loss (a.k.a baby hair) is that it’s completely normal and it doesn’t mean you’re going to go bald. While every woman (and every pregnancy) is different, in most cases hair will eventually grow back to it’s full strength. Why does it happen? […]

6 Beauty Myths Busted!

While we adore spending our copious amount of free time (yeah right) with Sudocrem on our spots and coconut oil on our spit ends, sometimes we have to wonder, how many of these beauty myths are actually true? Brenda McCormick finds out… FALSE: If you have oily skin you shouldn’t wear a moisturiser This one […]

Guess What ‘The Nanny’ Looks Like Now…

She was the lady in red with big hair and an even bigger mouth. Her style and flair will never be forgotten by any 90’s kids. Her big hair was her iconic style point Sometimes overshadowed by her wardrobe (I mean seriously, who else but Fran can pull off a dress like that?) We can still […]

How much damage does gel and shellac do to your nails?

What’s not to love about getting your nails done in a salon? Whether it’s Shellac or gel, you leave the salon with shiny new finger tips and non-chip nail polish, but at what cost? Anyone who’s had Shellac or gel nails will know how weak and brittle their nails are when the polish is removed. […]

Beauty holiday prep for busy mums

Beauty holiday prep for busy mums is near impossible to manage. The clock is ticking to your summer holidays, the time left for getting bikini ready and packing a holiday wardrobe Kate Moss would be jealous of is basically slim to none. We’ve put together a two week window to prepare for your holidays that’s […]

3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brush? Mums are always focusing on keeping life clean and bacteria-free for their children. In fact, mums usually pay so much attention to their children, they end up neglecting their own needs. With a build up of oils, dead skin cells and bacteria, it’s essential to clean brushes at […]

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