4 ways to change up the school drop off

Does the school drop off fill you with dread? Want to change it up this year to include some variety in your mornings? At maternity & infant, we hear you and for Irish Heart Month, we’re trying to introduce as many healthy changes in our daily lives as possible. One area where we can improve is the school drop off…


Good old fashioned walking gives families the time to be together and have fun before the day really begins. This is especially handy for families who live near their creche, preschool, or school. If you need to drive a distance to get to your school’s gates, why not park a little further away and walk the rest of the fifteen minutes? This way you’re getting your kid’s some gentle exercise and fresh air before school, and you’re including 30 minutes of walking as part of your day.

Added bonus: Jog back to your car after you drop off to really start the day off with a bang!


Cycle paths are becoming wider and more accessible in populated areas; ideal for getting the guys to and from school. This is a great way for the kids to get to know the rules of the road while enjoying their bike ride with mum or dad. It also get’s you on the bike so you’re only a short cycle away from work or home.

Added bonus: If you have some time after the drop-off, why not go for a quick spin of your own to get some fresh air and exercise?

Public transport

The weather will surely turn soon and not for the better. When it does, why not avoid the car crazy street outside the school and get the bus, train, DART or Luas to school? It’ll include a bit of walking probably, but so long as you have the proper clothes you should be well covered.

Added bonus: The kids will enjoy pressing the button for their stop!


We know, we know – this isn’t strictly avoiding the car. But carpooling is a great option for people, and it helps the environment too! Fewer cars outside the school the better. Why not chat to a few other parents and see if you can arrange one week on and one week off this year? You’ll enjoy those car free mornings all the more when you have an entire week of them!

Added bonus: More time for you!

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Originally posted 2017-09-15 17:56:20.